January 1, 1915

Lovely day                 Friday

1915 Ernest took May and I to the Ideal. Shirley came in P.M. to play. Mother is better. Fred went to Windsor. E. put on storm windows. Mrs. Smith came in.

Notes: The Ideal was a movie theater in Springfield. May is Ada and Ernest's daughter. She is five years old. Fred is Ada's brother - he was a salesman and is single. "E" is Ernest - this is how she nearly always refers to him.  


Briefly - and this will soon be expanded - this is the diary of Ada May (Grimshaw) Illingworth.

Written on the flyleaf of this black leather 5 year diary:

                                                                                     every day
"I hope I shall be able to write in this little book  ^              for five whole years."

Jan. 1 -1915

Ada G. Illingworth
#7 Wall Street