June 30, 1917

Sat. Lovely

Cooked in A.M. May played with children. Mrs. Powers came. Mother-May & I went down town in Eve. Saw Annie Stone. Class. Sam went to Claremont. Bought May gaiters & stockings.

June 29, 1917

Fri. Rain

E. went fishing all day. Got 4. Bought Pa hat & Palm beach suit. Got another letter from Clyde P. for rent. May had haircut in A.M. Helen came over.

June 28, 1917

Thurs. Beautiful

Cleared dining room. Feel better today. E. did not work. Mother & Pa came over. May went to ride with Albees in Eve. E. sent money to Clyde P. Troops landed in France.


June 27, 1917

Wed. Fine

Finished ironing in A.M. Washed dining room curtains. E. did not work. Got bill from Clyde P. for $21 for May rent. Went to Ideal in P.M. with Mother & May. Band concert.


June 26, 1917

Tues. Fine

Ironed in A.M. E. did not work. Went fishing. Got 15. Went home in A.M. Rain in P.M.

June 25, 1917

Mon. Beautiful

Sent washing to Peyor's Laundry. Got letter from Maude. She is coming up. Mildred & Dorothy came in P.M. Josephine in A.M. Went home.

June 24, 1917

Sun. Rain

May went to S.S. in A.M. Fern paid $2.00. Read "The Triflees" [?] Good. Went home in P.M. May played paper dolls all P.M.

June 23, 1917

Sun. Lovely & Hot

Washed piazza. Cooked. All in. Went down town in Eve. with May & Mother.ruth Wooson married in Eve. Embroidered for May's dress.

June 22, 1917

Fri. Lovely & Hot.

Last day of school. May is promoted to 4th Grade. Shirley came to play after school. May gave Miss Johnson correspondence cards. Alumni [play]? did not go. Gave tickets to Mrs. Watten.

June 21, 1917

Thurs. Lovely

Ironed in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Mrs. La Fountain called and Miss Roberts in P.M. Nearly 7 o' clock when we ate. May - Mother & I went down town.

June 20, 1917

Wed. Lovely & Hot

Went to Picnic (Sunday School) with May & Mary Lawrence & Doanes. Fine time. Went down town in Eve with Mother & May. All in.

June 19, 1917

Tues. Fine & warm ###

Ironed in A.M. Fairbanks girl hit by auto. May took supper with Frances Lawrence. Mrs. Heath called in Eve. Mother came. Sick all day.

Note: Just a reminder that the cross hatches are a sign of Ada beginning her period. she is almost always sick on the first morning but generally it doesn't go all day.

June 18, 1917

Mon. Lovely

Washed in A.M. Powers moved to La France Block. Dean Boy killed by auto. Mother & I went to Ideal. Pa came over.

June 17, 1917

Sun. Rain

Enameled & varnished two screen doors. Fern paid room rent. Went home in P.M. Baccualate (sic) Sermon at Universalist Church. Tired.

June 16, 1917

Sat. Fair & showers

Mowed lawn. Childrens picnic postponed. worked all day. Liberty Loan wins. Got more than they expected. May played all day.

June 15, 1917

Fri. Fair & showers

Finished ironing. Cleaned upstairs. Mildred W. came over to play with May. Mother -May & I went to Campfire Girls Party for Red Cross at Lowells.

June 14, 1917

Thurs. Fine day

Ironed in A.M. & mended in P.M. Mother came over in P.M. May went over to Helen's after school. May-Ma & I went to walk.

June 13, 1917

Wed. Lovely day

Ironed in A.M. & went home. three more day (sic) for the Liberty Loan.Hope we get it. Went down town in Eve with Mother & May.

June 12, 1917

Tues. Fair & Warm

Washed in A.M. Smiths moved into Powers house. Mrs. P. still there. Ma & Pa & I went to Ideal in P.M. "Easiest Way." May came in after school.

June 11, 1917

Mon. Rain

Worked hard all day & did not do much of anything. Lura Smith is here. Ma & Pa called over. The whistles blow every night for the Liberty Loan.

June 10, 1917

E. went fishing with Ed. B. up to Minevah & car. Caught 38. Fern H. came here to room. Went home in Eve. E. was wet through.

Note: Ada must mean Lake Ninevah in Mount Holly. I don't know what she means by "& car"

June 9, 1917

Sat. Lovely

Mowed lawn in A.M. Worked all day. PA came over. May & I went down town in Eve. Bought nickel soap dish & glass holder. Paid machine.

June 8, 1917

Fri. Pleasant E. did not work.

Cleaned upstairs in A.M. Mended in P.M. May - Mother & I went to Ideal in Eve. Went home in Eve. & A.M. Mother came over. E. went fishing in P.M. Caught 21.

June 7, 1917

Thurs. Rain

Enameled screens inA.M. Went home. Helen & Ruth came to see May after school.Ironed in P.M. Went home in Eve. Mother came.


June 6, 1917

Wed. Fine & Hot

May's glasses came from Edmunds. Washed outside of house & windows. Went home in P.M. May went to Josephine R. after school. Trimmed hat. May - Mother & I went down town in Eve.

June 5, 1917

Tuesday Fair Rain in P.M.

Mary Laurence came over in A.M. Washed in A.M. Gladys Chynowth & Maurice Henry married. Hooray. At last. May - Mother & I went to Ideal. All men between 21 & 31 register today.

June 4, 1917

Mon. Lovely

Went to Claremont at 11-40AM. Eyes examined by Carlton. Bought hat at Woolworths. Got home at 4.00PM. Evelyn Green came after school with May.


June 3, 1917

Sunday Thunder Showers Fair

May did not go to S.S. Went home. Fern H. came to look at room. Going to take it. Fred went to Eastern, Pa. Potatoes. $1.20 pk. Went home in P.M.

Note: They are renting out to a boarder. Many families did that then it seems.

June 2, 1917

Sat. Lovely Hot

E. did not work. Went fishing in A.M. got 17. Worked around house in P.M. May has picture taken on pony. Went down town in Eve. with May & Mother.

Note: Wow! Now I can date my photo of May on a pony on my Flickr stream - cool!

June 1, 1917

Fri. Cool & Fair Rain

cleaned up stairs. Went home. Sewed in P.M. Fred came. Mother - May & I went to walk in Eve. May went to Virginia Wilcombs after school.

May 31, 1917

Thurs. Lovely & Warm

First time May has gone without a coat. Cleaned den. Went home. Mother cleaned dining room. Pa came over. May went up to Helen Perry's. Mended.