November 30, 1915

Tuesday Fair

Washed more windows. Mary came over in A.M. Sheila came over to play with May. Went home in P.M. with May. Mr. White & Mdme Leotney [?] at Opera House.

November 29, 1915

Monday Rained

Helped with washing in A.M. Worked nearly all day. May is better. Don't know if she has whooping cough or not. Mary says not.

November 28, 1915

Fred left for New Britain, Conn
Sunday Beautiful

E. worked in A.M. (after he got up abot 11-30) May went home to dinner. Fred came over. E. May & I went to walk in P.M. Went home in Eve.

November 27, 1915

Saturday Pleasant

May went home to dinner. Fred came over. Went home in P.M. & Eve. May stayed to supper. Ma & Pa came in Eve.

November 26, 1915

Friday Lovely

May's cough is better. Fred came over. Went home in P.M. Went to club (Suffragette debate) at Tupper's. Anti's won. Lots of fun.

November 25, 1915

Thurday Lovely Day

Ma, Pa & Fred spent the day with us. Had turkey & fixings. Shirley & Mrs D. came in P.M. We have a whole lot to be thankful for.

November 24, 1915

Wednesday Cloudy

Cooked in A.M. May about the same. Worked all day. Mother came over in P.M. & helped fix turkey. Miss Greene came in Eve.

November 23, 1915

Mrs Auber & Gladys C. called
Tuesday Lovely

Ironed in A.M. Up quite a lot with May. We went home in P.M. Mother & I went to Ideal in Eve. Jennie & Lizzie were over home.

November 22, 1915

Monday Lovely

May did not go to school. Coughed badly all night. Helped with washing in A.M. May & I took a walk in P.M. & went home. Went to bed early.

November 21, 1915

Fred came over
Sunday Fair

May did not go to S.S. Coming down with whooping cough. E. went to Dr. Doane. E. went over to Barnum's in P.M. and downtown.

November 20, 1915

Saturday Showers

May did not go out much on acct. of cold. Fred came over in P.M. Bought May a big apple. Ma & Pa came over in Eve.

November 19, 1915

Grandpa came over in Eve.
Friday Rain in P.M.

Thunderstorms in Eve. May coughed badly last night. Did not rest well. Cleaned the den. The Reporter praised May up to the top notch. Pleased her greatly.

November 18, 1915

Mother & Pa came in Eve.
Marion C. is still at Mother's.
Thursday Lovely

May coughs quite badly. Hope she is not coming down with whooping cough. Went to Ideal in P.M. with Lucy, Miss G. & May.

Note: Guess the germ theory wasn't holding very big sway if May still went to the movies!

November 17, 1915

Was proud of May in Eve.
Wednesday Lovely

Marion Cutler is sewing for Mother. Sewed in P.M. Went to Bazaar in Eve at Congo Church. "Hiawatha" wasplayed. May spoke a piece. She did grand.

November 16, 1915

Rode up with Wheelers.
E. went with me. Lovely time.
Tuesday Lovely

May did not go to school. Took her to dentist Locke. Had a tooth pulled. She did not stir. Went home in P.M. Went up to Woolson's in Eve. "Ever Onward"

November 15, 1915

Helped with washing in A.M.
Monday Rainy

Did not send May to school on acct. of cold. She coughs a little. Mary came over in Eve. Lucy in P.M. Went over to Mary's with May in Eve.

November 14, 1915

Sunday Lovely

Ernest went to White River Junction with "Ike" Hall. Lovely ride. May & I went home to dinner. Wore purple. We had roast chicken for Ernest when he came.


November 13, 1915

Saturday Lovely

Went home in A.M. & staid [sic] all day. Sewed on purple dress. Went down in Eve. Got shoes & hat. Got along on suit fine.

November 12, 1915

We all went to "Rickets" show in Eve. May enjoyed.
Friday Cloudy

Swept all around in A.M. May & I went home in P.M. & sewed. May went to rehearsal at church in P.M. 4 [?]

November 11, 1915

Thursday Cold & Fair

Cleaned halls in A.M. Virginia Hughes operated on for adenoids. Went home in P.M. May & I went over to Miss Greene's in Eve.

November 10, 1915

Wednesday Windy & Cold

Mary & Mrs. S. came over. Went to "Man on Box" at Ideal with May. Benefit of High School. Took velvet to Ione. Home in Eve.

November 9, 1915

Tuesday Lovely

Ironed in A.M. May went to school. Got her report card. Very nice three E's. David Garrick at Opera House.

November 8, 1915

Quincy Adam's [sic} Sawyer at Opera House
Monday Cold & Lovely

May did not go to school. Went to Shirley's birthday party. Met Mrs. Barnum. Very nice. Went down town in P.M. & home.

November 7, 1915

Sunday Lovely

May did not go to S.S. Went home in Eve with E. & I. Her cold is bad. Miss Greene came over & Lucy.

November 6, 1915

Saturday Beautiful

Mother & Mrs. Whitneys birthday. Mother is 57. Mrs.W. 63. Had a grand party at Doane's. Played cards in Eve. May had a lovely time.

November 5, 1915

Fashion Show at Ideal. ###

Friday Cloudy in A.M.

Went home with May. her cold is bad. Did not send her to school. Went into Doane's in A.M. May & I went home in P.M.

November 4, 1915

Helen Albee's birthday party.
May went had a lovely time.

Ironed curtains in A.M. Mary came over. May has a little cold. Mother came in P.M.

November 3, 1915

Wednesday Cold & Windy

Cleaned our bedroom in A.M. May & I went down town in P.M. Home after that. Ma & Pa came over after that. Down town in Eve.


November 2, 1915

Dresser & chiffoniere came.
Tuesday Showers & Fair

Thunderstorms in A.M. Cleaned up by school time. May & I went down town in P.M. Headache in Eve. Went to bed early.

November 1, 1915

Fire down by foundry in Eve.
Monday Lovely

May went to school in A.M. Helped with washing in A.M. Went down to Mrs. Doanes in P.M. Planned the party.

October 31, 1915

Sunday Lovely

May went to S.S. Fred came over. Went to B.F. with Doanes. E. & May & I. went home in Eve. Fred went to N.Y. in Eve.