February 25, 1917

Sun. Lovely day

May went to S.S. in A.M. Curled hair & wore new rubbers. Went over to Helen's in P.M. Pressed May's new dress.

February 24, 1917

Sat. Warmer

May stayed in nearly all A.M. Went down town in P.M. & over to Helen's. High School Banjoos. [sic] Made B. Bread for them.Eggs 45. Butter 48. E. paid machine.


February 23, 1917

Fri. Colder & Fair

Cleaned upstairs. May went to school. Sewed in P.M. Mother came over. May & I played Solitaire in Eve. Played with Helen after school.

February 22, 1917

Thurs. Lovely

Washington's birthday. School does not keep. E. did not work in P.M. Finished ironing in A.M. & cooked. Sewed in P.M. Went to Ideal in Eve. with mother. Mrs. Dix gave $25.

February 21, 1917

Wed. Lovely

Went down town in A.M. Bough[t] gray cloth for May's dress. Ironed in A.M. Cut out dress in P.M. Mother came in Eve.

February 20, 1917

Lovely & Warm

Washed in A.M. Big one. Cut out a dress for May over home in P.M. May stayed home after school. She played cards in Eve.


February 19, 1917

Mon. Fine E. stayed in

Did not have much to do to-day. Mother washed. May has a little cold. Went to school as usual. Went down town in P.M.

February 18, 1917

Sun. Lovely

May did not go to S.S. Went to walk in A.M. with Rosebud & home to dinner. May & I went to walk in P.M. Tired in Eve. Made cake in A.M.

February 17, 1917

Warm & Grand

Cleaned down stairs & cooked. May was out coasting nearly all day. Helen came over to supper. E. paid machine. Ma came.

February 16, 1917

Friday Fine & warmer.

Ironed in A.M. Went home in A.M. Mended in P.M. May went down town after school. Went to bed early.

Febrary 15, 1917

Thurss. Fine Day

Went home in A.M. Ma, Pa & I went to Ideal in P.M. May came in after school. Cleaned all upstairs. E. bought fish (blue) E. came in early. We are all tired.


February 14, 1917

Wed. fine Valentine

Mother is cross with me. Cried all A.M. Went down to Hall in P.M. & helped to take down trimmings. Made about 75. Better than nothing. May & I went to Mrs. Smiths in Eve. Josephine came. May got 17 Valentines at school & 4 others.

February 13, 1917

Tues. Cold & Beautiful

Went down to Hall in A.M. and helped trim[?] Went down town in P.M. E. & I went to Community Ball. Big crowd. E. sold tickets. Jessie Ellis Alice Beckwith myself waiters

February 12, 1917

Mon. Cold Lincoln's birthday

16 below zero.Did my washing in A.M. May went to school as usual. Went to committee meeting at May B's. E. stayed in.


February 5, 1917

Here's something written in the flyleaf of the diary that I forgot to put in.

Wilson asks all neutrals to break - government hastens its war plans. Asks all Powers to join him in forcing respect for law.
"Hock the Kaiser." Nit.

I am so intrigued by the "nit." what does it mean? Is she using it like "idiot?" Does she think it's a bad decision? she appears tp subsequently support American involvement. It's puzzling.

February 11, 1917

Sun. Cold & Fair

May & I went home to breakfast. Alice Beckwith and Ione L. called in P.M. Went home in Eve. May did not go to S.S. Went home to dinner.


February 10, 1917

Sat. Cold & Windy

Mr. Huntoon did not come. Florence R. asked me to be usher at ball. May & Helen went to Josephine's in P.M. May went down towm & bought valentines.

February 9, 1917

Cold & Snow

Ironed in P.M. Went to Mary Lawrence's in P.M. Got Mrs. Dix to give $25. for ball. Went to Ideal in Eve. with mother. "Audrey." E. stayed in.

February 8, 1917

Thurs. Warm

Helen came in A.M. May started in school in P.M. Glad to go. Went to Helen's after school Ride to Chester. Did not care to go.


February 7, 1917

Wed. fine day War rumor denied

May went over to Josephine's with ice-cream. Went to Grandma's in P.M. I went down town. Sewed in Eve. on May's dress. Ma came.


February 6, 1917

Tues. Beautiful

May went out for first time in A.M. Went to Committee meeting at May Bs in P.M. Ma stayed with May. Mr. Beardslee called. Report war was declared.

February 5, 1917

Mon. Snow & wind

Ironed in A.M. E. has sick headache in P.M. Did not work.May is doing fine. Mother came over in P.M. Sewed on May's dress. Went home in Eve.


February 4, 1917

Sun. cold & Fair

Fred came over. bought May ice-cream & candy. May is fine. Returned Mrs. Albee and Mrs. Rowe's dishes. Josephine has measles. Fred went. Went home.


Feb. 3. 1917

Sunday Snow

May did not go to S.S. Went home. Ma & Pa came over. Got a terrible cold. Marion made candy. Read in P.M. Early to bed.

February 2, 1917

Sat. Fine

Worked hard all day. Rummage sale at LaFountain store. Did not go. went down town in Eve. with Marion & May.

February 1, 1917

Fri. Cold

Cleaned downstairs. Ma & I went down town in A.M. Pa fixed cord on electric urn, May went up to Shirley's in P.M. Ironed in Eve.

January 31, 1917

Wed. snowy

May slept until noon. Coughed terribly. Came down stairs in P.M. Mary Laurence and Mrs. Olear[?] Ellison called. Went to Ideal in Eve. with Mother.

January 30, 1917

Tues. Lovely Day

May slept until nearly noon. Coughed a lot in night. Brought her down stairs in P.M. Terribly weak & thin.

January 29, 1917

Mon. Snowy in A.M.

Prior's Laundry opened. Paid him $1. I owed him. Sent washing. May is better. Coughed terribly in night. Ma & Pa came in.

January 28, 1917

Sun. Snow & Cloudy

May is better. Ate quite a lot of chicken. Fred & Grampa each gave her a new book. Mrs. Rowe brought sherbet. Miss G. called. Fred went.

January 27, 1917

Pleasant & Snowy

E. did not work. May seems a little better, but very weak. Dr. changed medicine. King Daughters sent plant. Fred came. Brought book.

January 26, 1917

Fri. Lovely

May does not seem to gain at all. Cannot lift head from pillow. Mary Eliz. Lawrence sent her primroses. Terrible night.

January 25, 1917

Thurs. Lovely Day

May is a little better. Will not eat anything. Doctor came in A.M. Ma & Pa came in. Hospital benefit at John Slack's. 90 cases of measles.


January 24, 1917

Wed. cold & Fair Dr. came

May is worse. 104 fever. Ha..{?} afraid of pneumonia. Did not go to bed. E. did not work in P.M.Sat in chair all night. Mother & Pa came over.

January 23, 1917

Tues. cold & Lovely

Dick Longworth's funeral. Fred came. All went. May is sick. seems better. Ernest stayed with her. Fred came for funeral.

January 22, 1917

Mon. Cold & windy

May did not go to school. Sick in P.M. Came down with measles in Eve. Had doctor. Sick all night. High fever.

January 21, 1917

Sun. Fair & cool

May has cold. Does not feel well. Did not go to S.S. Went home to dinner. Fred came over. Curled he hair in P.M. Tired.

January 20, 1917

Sat. Cold & Snowy.

Dick Longworth died in the night. Worked all day. Binggermains [?] moved into LaFrance.Paid machine. Fred came. May went over Helen's.

January 19, 1917

Fri. Cold & Windy

Dick Longworth about the same. Went to Committee Meeting at Mrs. Baker's. Ever Onward. Went to children's Ball Dancing class with May. Lucy W. moved into LaFrance.

Note: LaFrance is a large brick apartment building in Springfield where Ada and Ernest had lived at one time.

January 18, 1917

Cloudy & Snowy

Ironed in A.M. Went home. Dick Longworth not as well in A.M. Better in Eve. Olive, Clarence, Mr. Dodge called. E. did not go out.

January 17, 1917

Wed. Fair & Warm

Stayed over to Mother's May & I last night.Mother & I went to Ideal in Eve. May came in after school. Went to Mother's meeting at church in Eve with Lucy. Very nice. Dick L. is better.

Note: It seems a little odd that she and May are staying at her mother's when they live next door. I wonder what the story was?

January 16, 1917

Tues. Fair & Warm

Went home to breakfast. dick Longworth very low with pneumonia. Went down town in P.M. E. & I went to W.D. Woolson's to Musical of 3 clubs. Fine. Mr. Adams of Brattleboro sang.

January 15, 1917

Mon. cold & fair.

Washed in A.M. Mrs. P. came home with baby from hospital. Went home. Committee meeting here of Alt. Helen came in. May is tired.

January 14, 1917

Sun. Rain & thaw

May did not go to S.S. Went home to dinner. Headache. Slept all P.M. Went home in Eve. Better. May fell out of bed.

January 13, 1917

Sat. Snow

Worked hard all day. Went home in P.M. May went over to Helen's in P.M. Mended in Eve. until 10-10. E. paid machine.

January 12, 1917

FRi. Cold & Fair

Finished ironing. Went down town in P.M. May went to Ideal after school "Tom Thumb" Mother came. Went to A&P in P.M. E. did not work in P.M.

January 11, 1917

Thurs. Lovely Cold

Ironed in A.M. Better. May is promoted to A class. Tickled to pieces. Karl Perry called. Went to bed early. Crocheted.

January 10, 1917

Wed. Snow in P.M.

Washed in A.M. Went to Ideal in P.M. May came in after school. Parent - Teacher Meeting. Mother took clothes in. Sick.

January 9, 1917

Tues. Lovely ###

Hung out Mother's clothes. Committee meeting at May B.'s. Ways & Means of Alt. Mrs. Whitney invited me to go to a Piano Recital.

January 8, 1917

Mon. Lovely day

Got letter from Maude. Stash has had a shock. More comfortable. May got report card. Dandy one. Fred went to Fitchburg. Crocheted in P.M. & Eve.

Note: Maude is possibly one of the "Unlnown Rhode Island " people in the Halkard/Grimshaw Album, some of which I've posted on Flickr - with more to come.
I have a photo of a little girl Maude and I'm possibly piecing together her family from photo clues and links. Still unsure exactly what relation they were to the Halkard/ Grimshaws.

No idea who Stash was - or what his shock was.

January 7, 1917

Sun. Warm & Fair

Did not go down stairs until 5 mins. of 10. Fred came to dinner. May went to S.S. Home to dinner. We all went over to Fred's "party". Shrimp wiggle. Miss R. there.

January 6, 1917

Sat. Fine Day

May & I went home to breakfast. Cleared down stairs. Fred came. Paid machine money. $1. also mother's. May & I went down town in Eve.


January 5, 1917

Fri. Rain all day

Cleared upstairs. Mrs. P. has a son. Went to "Three Bears" at Ideal with May & Mrs. B. Went to club in evening. Mrs. Nudd's. Young "Pete" Harlow mistook me for someone else.

January 4, 1917

Thurs. Lovely Day

Ironed in A.M.Went home. Bill Slomer is here. Also Geo. Dudley. Shirley & Alice were here after school. Mrs. Powers went to hospital.

January 3, 1917

Wed. Snow in P.M. & Eve.

May went to school. Like it. Ironed in A.M. Went to Ideal in P.M. "The Purple Lady" Rebekkah's sent mother flowers. Class. Grandpa came over.

January 2, 1917

Tues. Beautiful Day

School began. May did not go. She is much better. We went home in Eve. Went to Ideal in Eve. with Mr. & Mrs. Tennyson.- Mrs. Hoppe. E. stayed in.