March 31, 1919

Mon  Fine

May went out quite a bit to-day. Carpenters came and worked on Ma's kitchen floor. May did not cough all night.


March 30. 1919

Sun.  Cold

May & I saw a lot of birds. Feel kind of sick. May made a cream cake. Took a tablespoon of castor oil.


March 29, 1919

Sat.  Cold & Windy

Huntoon did not come. Went down town in Eve. Awfully cold. May stayed in.  Cleaned down stairs & cooked.


March 28, 1919

Fri.  Snow and windy

Richard and Arthur R. buried. Pa went to Richard's funeral. Ironed in P.M. May stayed in all day. All in.


March 27, 1919


Went down town in P.M. Bought pajamas for Fred. May made birthday cake for him. Went home in Eve. Tired.

Note: Fred is Ada's younger brother.


March 26, 1919

Wed.  Lovely

May played out of doors nearly all day. Burt Bannister died. Went home in P.M. and embroidered. Ruth came to play with May.


March 25, 1919


Movies closed. Richard L. died. Feel awfully sorry. Mrs. Albee came home from hospital. Ma got nervous. Had Doctor. All right now. May had little earache.

March 24, 1919

Mon.  Fine

Washed a little. Arthur robinson died. Richard L. worse. Everything is so depressing. May & I went down town in P.M.


March 23, 1919

Sun.  Kind of rainy

Ma & May are better a lot. Richard L is no better. Hope he gets well. Churches closed on acct of flu. Fred is promoted to Supt. Class.

March 22, 1919

Sat.  Colder

Lillian (Armstrong) Gilpatric died. Richard Longworth very sick. May & Ma are better. May went out this P.M. Went down town in Eve, went home.


March 21, 1919

Fri  Warm

May is better. Ma had Dr. Better.Arthur Leland has "flu". Schools closed on acct of "flu". Not as bad as Oct. Mended & sewed in Eve. All in.


March 20, 1919


Warm as dickens. Went down town in P.M. Headache in P.M. Went to bed in early Eve. Better in Eve. May is better.


March 19, 1919

Wed  Warm

May is lots better. Frank Spellman died. Went down town in Eve. Bought May's brown hat.


March 18. 1919


May is better. Also Ma. Embroidered in P.M. & Eve. Hot as the deuce. Howard Finn has the "flu". Lots of sickness.

March 17, 1919

Mon.  Rain ###

May did not go to school. Cold is better. Went to Dr. in Eve for her. E. joined Woodmen. Little building is closed on acct. of sickness.

March 16, 1919

Sun. Rain

May has a cold. Went home to breakfast. E. made fudge. May made gingerbread. Made vinegar candy.

March 15, 1919

Sat.  Lovely

May made her first cake. It was fine. She went to Movies and over to Sheilas in P.M. Went down town in Eve. with Ma & May.

March 14, 1919

Fri.  Cold

Sewed in A.M. went home Went to Club in Eve. at Tuppers. Mrs. Gilbert Davis spoke. She was great. Big fire last Eve. South End Restaurant.

March 13, 1919

Thurs.  Cold.

E went to party at Mrs. Reed's last night. Went to Locke's this P.M. Paid $1.75. Pa went to I.O.O.F. meeting in Eve. MAy & I went home in Eve. Ma went to Movies in P.M.

March 12, 1919

Wed.  Beautiful

Throat sore. Went to Ionies[?] opening in P.M. May went to Josephine's after school. May - Ma & I went to Movies in Eve.

March 11, 1919

Tues.  Cloudy

May took lesson. May had toothache last night. Went to Lockes in A.M. & had it pulled. Made her sick and hurt like deuce. Went to lecture on the Foreigner American….[?] Bum.

March 10, 1919

Mon.  Fine  Windy

Stayed home & embroidered. Ma & I went to the Recital at Mrs. S. The kids did well. May played great.

March 9, 1919

Sun. Rain

May had toothache last night until 12. Did not wake up until 10A.M. Did not go to S.S. Stayed in all day. Terrible out doors.

March 8, 1919

Sat.  Lovely

Ann & Shirley came in A.M. May went to Shirleys & Helens in P.M. [sic] Practices music at Mrs. S. May - Ma & I went down town in Eve.


March 7, 1919

Fri.  Lovely

Cleaned up stairs in A.M. Cooked. Went home. May & I went to Movies in Eve. Under 4 Flags. Very good. Shirley & Joe went.

March 6, 1919

Thurs   Colder

Ironed in A.M. Went home. Ma & I went to Movies in P.M. Josephine came to play with May after school. Dan Grey's funeral.


March 5, 1919


Laundry came. Paid for this last week. $1.35. Embroidered in P.M. & Eve. Heard of Dan Grey's death. Cooked in A.M. All in.

March 4, 1919

Tues.  Fine

Town Meeting Day. Went to Claremont for glasses. Edmunds examined eyes. $1.00. Saw Flora & Ralph. Ray took us to Jct. Came home with them.

March 3, 1919

Mon.  Beautiful.

Washed windows up stairs in A.M. Went down town in P.M. Small fire in Eve on clinton St. Embroidered on slips. May sewed.

March 2, 1919

Sun.  Beautiful.

May went to S.S. May & I went to walk in P.M. E. made fudge. Went home in P.M. & Eve. May played dolls.

March 1, 1919

Sat.  Rain in A.M.

May cut out dolls all A.M. Went to Movies in P.M. Went to Alice O'dettes without permission. Went down town in Eve. Mopped piazza.

February 28, 1919

Fri.  Rainy in Eve.

Cleaned up stairs. Went down town in P.M. Went to club at Eliz. Stiles in Eve. Mrs. Drury joined. Came home with Mrs. Albee. Tired.

February 27, 1919

Thurs.   Fine

Ironed in A.M. & P.M. Shirley came after school. Ma is better. Ma & I went to Movies in Eve. Good. Hostipal [sic] Play to-night.

February 26, 1919


Ground covered with snow again. Snowed all night. Ma had doctor. Better. May went snow-shoeing with Fred's snow shoes after school.

February 25, 1919

Tues.  Fine

Cleaned in pantry. Fixed May's doll's arm. Went down town in P.M. May took music lesson. May & I went down town in Eve.

February 24, 1919


Side is better to-day. Did not do much. Went home. Ma has little cold. Wilson arrives in Boston. Big time.

February 23, 1919


Ground covered with snow and still snowing. May shoveled path. E made fudge. Went home. Took baths in P.M.

February 22, 1919


Washington's Birthday. E. did not work in P.M. May went to Movies with Helen - Ruth - Ann - Roger. Went down town in Eve. All in.

February 21, 1919


Rhoda smarts brought here for burial. George S. came up in Eve. May went to Shirley's after school. Telephone Ball to-night. Mended.