May 1, 1917

Tues. Rain May Day

Washed in A.M. Washed a quilt. Read & crocheted in P.M. May went down to Shirley's after school. Hung May baskets in Eve. May got 7 pretty ones.

April 30, 1917

Mon. Cloudy

Went home in A.M. May went to school. Ironed in A.M. Read in P.M. Mended in Eve. May went down to Shirley's after school. E. stayed in.

April 29, 1917

Sun. Fair

Ernest & Barnum went fishing all day. Did not get many. May & I stayed alone. Went to walk in Eve.

April 28, 1917

Sat. Fine day

Tired to death. Glad Fi-fi is over. Slept late. May played with Helen.Shirley came. May went to ride with Dr. & Shirley. Pa was in parade. 98th anniversary of Odd Fellows. Big parade at evening. Charlestown band. Mother - May & I went down town.


April 27, 1917

Fri. cloudy

Packed house at Fi-fi. Dance after. Did not stay. Wore green skirt and dresden polanaise, powdeed hair, white stockings & black shoe. Everything fine. Olive & Jones here. Joe & I have left stage & going to movies.

Note: Sort of an odd entry. Who's Joe?


April 26, 1917

Thurs. Fine Day

Fixed tinsel on May's white dress. First night of "Fi-fi of Toy Shop." May was a fairy. Big Gr[?] Our dance was good. Garter broke. No-one knew it.

April 25, 1917

Wed. Fine ###

May went to school in P.M. Full rehearsal at Opera House. More f[?} Went bum. Came home with Mrs.Lorden[?}


April 24, 1917

Tues. Rain in P.M.

Washed curtains in A.M. May is better. She went to rehearsal in P.M. We rehearsed at Gladys C. May & I rode up with Doanes.

April 23, 1917

Mon. Fine day

Washed in a.M. Did not get through work until late. May did not go to school. I went to rehearsal in Eve.


April 22, 1917

Sun. Rain

May is better. Did not go out. I went over home. Ma & Pa came over. I worked nearly all day.

April 21, 1917

Sat. April Showers

May had croup all night, better in morning. Horsington baby died last night. Had doctor for May in night. Went to rehearsal. Big thunderstorm in Eve.


April 20, 1917

Fri. April showers

Swept all up stairs. Went home. Rehearsal at 5:30 P.M. Murdock very pleasant. May does not feel well. Got costumes. Green.


April 19, 1917

Thurs. Warm & Grand

Cleaned our room to-day. May went to Rehearsal after school. Murdock got peeved. Gave him ice cream too. Gone off Jake.

Note: Not sure what this is about. A temperamental director?


April 18, 1917

Wed. Lovely

Ironed in A.M. Shirley came to play with May. I went to bed in P.M. Rehearsal at Mrs. Dodges. Ice cream with Gladys Myhely [?] Hobbs - Safford & Auber. Firing off Cape Cod.

Note : I remember vaguely hearing about the German shots of Cape Cod. Anyone know about this?

April 17, 1917

Tues Fine

Mother & S went to the Ideal. "Unafraid." Grand. May went to rehearsal of FiFi after school.

Note: I think "S" is Sam, her mother (Sarah Grimshaw's) brother. Sam lived with his sister until he died in the late 1930s.


April 16, 1917

Mon. Grand

Washed in A.M. Went to bed in P.M. Went to rehearsal of FiFi in Eve. Mrs. Auber - Safford - Stiles - Nelson - Myerburg - Flavin - Hows - Chynworth & myself.

May 15, 1917

sun. Fair & cold

May did not go to S.S. Went to walk in P.M. E. & I hid. Mother came over. Went to bed early.

April 14, 1917

Sat. Grand

Eggs .33 Worked nearly all day. May [?] 3 lemon pies. Went down town in Eve. with Mother & May. Paid machine.


April 13, 1917

Fri. Grand

Cleaned up stairs in A.M. Mother & I went to Ideal. "The thousand Dollar husband." Grand. E. & May played.

April 12, 1917

Thurs. Grand

Finished the ironing. Cleaned closets up stairs. Went home. Crocheted in Eve. Went down town.


April 11, 1917

Wed. Cold

Ironed in A.M. Did not get it all day. Went home. Mother & Pa came over. May, Mother & I went down town.

Note: If "did not get it all day." means being out of it - I really like that expression!


April 10, 1917

Tues. Rain

Washed in A.M. Crocheted in P.M. Went home in P.M. May & I played cards in Eve. Formed "Home Guards."

April 9, 1917

Mon. cold & Fair

Company K left this A.M. Big send off.Very sad. Shanders gave me a flag. Shops & schools closed until they left.Went with Mary S. German Raider off Nantucket.


April 8, 1917

Sun. Easter Sun.

Lovely day. May went to S.S. and she & I went to Ester Cantata. at Congo. Church in P.M. E. May & I went to walk.


April 7, 1917

Sat. Rainy & Cloudy

War is declared between U.S. & Germany. yesterday [written in pencil]. Everyone is crazy. Co. K leaves Mon. Eggs .30 cts. Crocheted in P.M. May went down in P.M.


April 6, 1917

Fri. Snowy & Rain

May did not go to school. Cold is better. Went home in P.M. Hemmed brown skirt & crocheted and mended.
Congress declares War. War is declared between U.S. & Germany.


April 5, 1917

Thurs. Lovely

May & I & Mother went to Claremont. Dr. Carleton says May's glasses are OK for a year. Saw Mattie & the bunch. Mother bought hat. Chased car.

Note: I think she means they chased the trolley car because they almost missed it.


April 4, 1917

Wed. Fine

Saw a robin. May has a cold. Came home from school about 10:30 A.M. Went down town in P.M. Miss Miller said she had temperature.


April 3, 1917

Tues. Fine

Militia called out. Ironed in A.M. Mother & I went to Ideal "The Price She Paid" Not very good. May came in after school. Went home in Eve.

April 2, 1917

Mon. Cloudy

Washed in A,M. May came home all mud. Fell down. Went home in A.M. May & I played Solitaire in Eve. Crocheted on bag.

April 1, 1917

Sun. Rainy & Cloudy

May & I went home to breakfast. May did not go to S.S. Finished ironing in A.M. May went to walk in P.M. Went home in P.M.

March 31, 1917

Sat. Lovely

Bought syrup of Huntoon. $1.50 eggs $.30. May went over to Helen's. Washed kitchen floor in P.M. May & I went down town in Eve.

March 30, 1917

Fri. Lovely

Fred's birthday. 27 years. Went home in A.M. Altrurian's at Virginia Slack's. did not go. Went to Eliz. Stiles in P.M. Started Indian Bag.

March 29, 1917

Thurs. Lovely

Ironed in A.M. Went home in A.M. Went to Ideal. Saw "Palace of the King." Rotten. Went home in Eve. Crocheted. May & I played Solitaire.

March 28, 1917

Wed. Lovely

Ironed in A.M. Went to Ideal. "Mister 44" Harold Lockwood & May Allison. Bought silkateen for Indian bag. Did not go to Mothers' Club.


March 27, 1917

Tues. Beautiful

Cleaned up house. Mother is a lot better. Stayed in all day. Went home in a.M. & Eve. May is wearing summer dresses.

March 26, 1917

Mon. Rainy

Washed in A.M. Dried clothes in house. Mrs. R. came. Wants my room. Mother lots better. Went home & worked a little.

March 25, 1917

Sundy Fine Day

Mother got up to-day. May went to S.S. Miss R. & Fred over to lunch. Certainly all in. Mother lots better.