Aug 1, 1918

Thurs Hot

Cleaned up stairs. Teeth ache. Went to Movies in P.M. with Mother & May. May went to Band Concert with Albees.

July 31, 1918

Wed.  Hot as deuce

Ironed in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Got May Haigs' marriage announcement. Wonders will never cease. Miss Flavin called.


July 30, 1918

Tues.  Hot

Ironed what I washed yesterday. Sewed in P.M. Ma & Pa came over. May went to knitting party at Francis Laurence's.


July 29, 1918

Mon Hot

Washed a little in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Ma came over. May played with the kids in A.M. Went home in Eve.


July 28, 1918

Sun.  Hot

Did not do much to-day. E. worked down cellar. Went down town in Eve. Got ice-cream for us all.

July 27, 1918

 Sat. Hot

Cooked in A.M. Worked nearly all day. May - Mother  & I went down town in  Eve. May put on bathing suit and I wet her with hose.


July 16, 1918


Note: Ada has written only "Forgot" on every day until July 27 with two minor exceptions. On July 21 she has put the # mark - the symbol for her period, and on July 26 she has written "Hot."

I'll be back on July 27th!

July 15, 1918

Mon.  Fine & cloudy & showers

Thunder showers off and on all day. May got yellow yarn. Made 5 jars currant jelly. Ma came over. May knit all day.


July 14, 1918

Sun   Fine

We went home in A.M. E & Pa went berrying in car. Got 2 qts a piece. They were lovely. Bath. Early to bed. All in.


July 13, 1918

Sat.  Fair  Cloudy in Eve.

Cooked & cleaned up stairs & down stairs. May went over to Helens. Went after cream with E in car. Took Helen.

July 12, 1918

Fri  Lovely

Finished ironing & cooked. E. May . Ma & I went to Movies. Saw Charlie Chaplin. They were all good. Big crowd.


July 11, 1918

Thurs   Lovely

Ironed in A.M. May had knitting club here. How they did eat. Did not knit much. May is all in. Early to bed.


July 10, 1918


Washed a little. May & I went home. May went to Movies in P.M. with Grandma & Gramp. Sewed in P.M. Tired.

July 9, 1918

Tues  Rain

May went to knitting club at Helen's. Made sleeves of wisteria dress. Helen came over to play after club.


July 8, 1918

Mon.  Fine

Coal came. May & I went home in A.M. Went to dentist with May in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Worked nearly all day.

July 7, 1918

Sun   Rain

No S.S. until Sept. Did not go anywhere only home. E worked down cellar all day. Ma & Pa came over.

July 6, 1918

Sat.  Cloudy Rain in Eve

Eggs. .46. Potatoes .90 per pk. Cleaned down stairs. Cooked. Ma came over. May did Errands. E took Inspector to Chester in Eve. May & I fixed yard. Baths.

July 5, 1918

Fri  Hot

Cleaned up stairs. Varnished hall stairs. Headache in P.M. E & May - Ma & I went to Movies. Doug Fairbanks. E liked them. May went to Helen's for fireworks.

Note: Is the last sentence a mistake or did she go to the fireworks twice?

July 4, 1918

Thurs  Hot

E did not work all day. Made a coal bin. Ma - May & I & E went to ride in P.M Ironed in A.M. May went over to Helen's to fireworks in Eve. Fine. Very quiet.

July 3, 1918

Wed.   Hot

Ironed in A.M. & P.M. May's knitting club went to Movies together. Mg [?] went. Went down town in Eve with Ma & May. Everything is very quiet.


July 2, 1918

Tues.  Fine

Washed in A.M Sewed in P.M. Ma & Pa came over. May went to knitting club with Helen & Joe & Sheila. Went to bed early.

July 1, 1918

Mon.   Rain

All in. Went home. May played with Helen. Ma & Pa came over in Eve. Made curtains for kitchen. Got card from Harry.

June 30, 1918

Sun  Lovely

May went to S.S. HOme to dinner. E May Grandpa Sam & I went to Windsor in P.M. Long ride. Ma sold furniture to Polander.

June 29, 1918

Sat.   Lovely

Cleaned down stairs. Made cookies. May played with kids. Went down town in Eve with Mother & May. Baths in Eve. All in.