December 12, 1917

Wed. Cold 20 below zero.

Cleaned down stairs in A.M. Men came in P.M. to put on storm doors. Mr. Hoisington very sick. Went down town after supper. Got a letter from Ma.

December 11, 1917

Tues. Cold

Washed a little in A.M. May & I went down town in P.M. Bought tickets for "Runaways". Pa came over. Sewed in Eve.

December 10, 1917

Note: Ada has written on this page but notes at the top "this is for November 6"

Mother's birthday. Gave her petticoat & gloves. Mother is feeling pretty good. Getting ready to go away after Thanksgiving. Pa gave her coat.

December 9, 1917

Sun. Cold & Windy

Wind blew & snowed all night. Went home in A.M. Took Sam's breakfast over to him. May & Grandpa has a feed. (sic) Grandpa came over. Bed early.

December 8, 1917

Sat. Snow in P.M.

Did not get up until10 min of 10. Went down town in P.M. with Marion. Bought blanket. Grandpa came over. May's yarn came. got letter from Ma. She is fine.
Halifax swept with blizzard after disaster.

December 7, 1917

Fri. Cold Big explosion at Halifax. 2,000 dead

Ironed in P.M. Went home and did work in A.M. Ironed Ma's clothes & mended Pa's & Sam's & my own in Eve. May is getting along fine.

December 6, 1917

Thurs. Cold & Fair

Went to movies in Eve, with Marion. May is a lot better. Went to Locke's in P.M. and had 2 teeth filled. Grandpa came over with May.

December 5, 1917

Wed. Cold & Fair

May is better. slept pretty good. Got a letter from Fred & Ma. She is fine. Awfully glad. May went over to Grandpa's in P.M. Went down town.

December 4, 1917

Tues. Lovely

May slept until 9:30 A.M. Much better today. Pa came over in P.M. Y Eve. Went down town. Home in a.M. & worked. Miss Fowler came in Eve. Bob at Fort M. Washington D.C.

December 3, 1917

Mon. Lovely

Mother & Fred started for Prov. by way of Boston. Class to Ma. Pretty lonesome. Wish I could go somewhere. Pa came over. Miss R.'s birthday. May suffers terribly.

December 2, 1917

Sun. Cold & Fine

Dr. Chapman put chicken pox card on house. Pa & Ma came over. Fred & Miss R. came from Orange in P.M. Over in Eve. Worked hard all day. Hate to have Ma go.

December 1, 1917

Sat. Snow

May has the chicken-pox, did not take lesson. Ma went down town in Eve. Hurrah. Sick headache all day. Pa & Ma over in Eve. Better.