April 29, 1916

Sat. Fair & Showers

Cleaned kitchen May played with Helen. Went to rehearsal at school. in P.M. Went down town in Eve. with mother.

April 28, 1916

Fri Rained

Swept all through. Mother came over to diner. Got some new ink & pens. Altrurian at Gertrude Finn's. May Barnum came in.

April 27, 1915

Thurs Cloudy

Went down town in P.M. Ma went into Lucy's. May went to school in P.M. Miss G. went to Ideal in Eve. with Ma, Pa & I. E bought ice [card?]

April 26, 1916

Wed. Cloudy & Rain

Ironed all A.M. until 2-30.Mother came over to dinner. Bertha came in. May went over to Josephine R[?] after school. Gertrude Finn came over.

April 25, 1916

Tues. Beautiful day

Washed in A.M. Seemed good to see sun. May has a little cold. Francis Mary & Merrick came over to see May. Mary came over.

April 24, 1916

Mon. Rain

Will it ever stop raining? May & I did not get up until 9-10. Some sleep. Mother came in A.M. Mary came over. Strawberries for supper.

April 23, 1916

Sunday Rain Easter

Rained all day. Mr. Barnum spent day with us. E. & I went to concert at Congo. Church. May spoke very nicely. Sat with Doanes.


April 22, 1916

Sat Rain

Feel fine. Worked in A.M. Went down town in P.M. and bought dining room curtains. Went down town in Eve. with Lucy.


April 21, 1916

Fri. Rain

Sick in A.M. We went home to breakfast. Better in P.M. Carried Mother's dinner to her. Went to bed early. Tired.

April 20, 1916

Thurs. Lovely Day

Sick all day. Got some medicine of [sic] Dr. Doane. Better to-ward night. Can't sleep nights. May & E. raked yard.

April 19, 1916

Wed. Beautiful Day

Feel better to-day. Worked hard all day. May & I went down town in Eve. Bought curtains at Lelands.

April 18, 1916

Tues. Pleasant

Washed three windows and worked all day. Getting settled slowly. Got a card from Mrs. B. Sewed fringe on rug.

April 17, 1916

Mon. Cloudy ###

Did a big washing in P.M. Went to bed in P.M. Sewed fringe on rug. May & I went home in Eve. Mother better.

April 16, 1916

Sun. Palm Sunday Warm

May went to S.S. Fred & Pa came over. Worked nearly all day. May went to walk with Mrs. Warner & Mildred. Fred went to Phila.


April 15, 1916

Sat. Lovely

May went down town in P.M. Played in A.M. Ate dinner in new home for first time. Went down town in Eve. with May.

April 14, 1916

Fri. Rainy & Snow

Mother is better. We all ate over home. Worked all day. Wrote Alt. paper on life of Lincoln. Club at E. Lafford's. Ironed.

April 13, 1916

Thurs. Lovely Day

Mother is some better. Dr. D. came up. Seems as if we would never get settled. Worked all day. Tired all right.

April 12, 1916

Wed. Lovely Day

Mildred came over to play with May in A.M. May went to school in P.M. Pa came over in Eve. We worked hard to beat band.

April 11, 1916

Tues. Pleasant

Cleaned the Buck House so it shines. Went home in Eve. Flora Covell & Bob Finn came in. Tired.

April 10, 1916

Mon. Lovely Day

Moved from Buck House to Perkins House. Armstrong moved us. Some job. May went to school in A.M. P.M.s after this.


April 9, 1916


Snowed all day. Went to station in Taxi. Started home at 2-05. Mrs. Jones called up. Got home at 4. E. & Fred to meet us.

April 8, 1916

Sat. Cold & Windy

May & Miriam wrote letter. Helped Olive in A.M. We all went to movies in P.M. and shopping. Mr. & Mrs. Jones came in Eve. Played 500.


April 7, 1916

Fri Lovely Day

Mrs. Dodge, Miriam, May & I went to Keene in P.M. Did not know we were going until noon. Had to hustle.

April 6, 1916


May played in P.M. Went to school in A.M. Cleaned the parlor & den. Cleaned some rugs. Mary came in.

April 5, 1916

Wed Fine day - cold

Went to Ideal in P.M. with May & Lucy & Mrs D. Mr. Perkins went home in P.M. Took a day off.


April 4, 1916

Tues. Pleasant

Ironed a little. Mrs. Perkins stopped in A.M. Edna B. dead. Joe is going to have Mary. Went home.

Note: I wonder if Joe is a relative of Edna and Mary is Edna's daughter that he will now have? On April 5 1915 Ada wrote " Mr. Bingham died" so perhaps Mary just became an orphan..

April 3, 1916

Mon. Cloudy & Rainy

Washed a little in A.M. Packed lots of things. Went over to Lucy's. Edna Bingham very sick. went over to house.

April 2, 1916

Sun. Pleasant

May did not go to S.S. Mr. & Mrs. Perkins came. Went over to May Fleming's and we looked at house. Went home.

April 1, 1916

Sat. Pleasant & Windy

Cooked in A.M. Lucy came in. Took up carpets. Went home in Eve. Ma & Pa came over in Eve.

March 31, 1916

Fri. Pleasant

Worked hard all day. Cleaned upstairs. Went over to Mary's in P.M. Went to Alt. Club in Eve at Mrs. Albees.

Note: Alt. Club is Altrurian or Alturian's Club - a "good works" women's social club.

March 30, 1916

Thurs. Cold & Pleasant

May - Mother & I went to Claremont. Saw Ray & Mattie's father. Bought May's new glasses. Went to Woolworth's of course.

March 29, 1916

Wed. Lovely

May is better. Went out a little to-day. Went home in P.M. Took over some things in eve. Sheila came.