September 23, 1916

Sat. Rain ###

May stayed home in A.M. Went to Helen's in P.M. Hail storm & thunder in P.M. E. went to Dodge's 1ct sale. 10lbs of coffee. Went home in P.M. Early to bed.

September 22, 1916

Fri. Fair & Cool

Cleaned upstairs. Cooked a little. Mended in P.M. Mother came over in P.M. May went to Helen's after school.

September 21, 1916

Thurs. Lovely

Cooked & cleaned shed. May went to school. Likes it very much. Miss Gallup teacher. Went over to Pearl's.

September 20, 1916

Wed. Beautiful

Went around Mineral Street with May. Fixing fall's bridge. Ironed in A.M. Mother came over.

September 19, 1916

Tues. Lovely Day

May goes to school only A.M.s for two weeks. Laundry came. Went down town in P.M. with May.

Septeber 18, 1916

Mon. Rain & Cloudy

School commenced to-day. May entered 2nd Grade. Miss Gallup teacher. Embroidered in P.M. May went to Candace [?] after school.

Note: Miss Gallup was the Great Aunt of my husband's good friend, Richard Loveless.


September 17, 1916

Sun. Lovely

May did not go to S.S. Fed & Mother came over. E. May & I went to walk in P.M. Went home in Eve. Fred went to Bridgeport.

September 16, 1916

Sat. Cool & Fair

Cooked in A.M. May went to Helen's in A.M. Fred came in P.M. Went down town in Eve. Geo. S. gave coups to show."A Builder of Bridges." Mrs. Sawyer & Mother went to show.

September 15, 1916

Friday Rain all day.

Finished ironing in A.M. Mother came over in P.M. May stayed with me all day. Had fine time.

September 14, 1916

Thurs. Lovely

Ironed in A.M. Mother came over. Went home. May & I went to walk in Eve. with mother. Wilbur Herrick came.

September 13, 1916

Wed. Beautiful.

Ironed in A.M. Geo. Stiles gave Mother and I "coups" for show. "The House of Lies." Very good. E. stayed with May.

September 12, 1916

Tues. Lovely day

Cooked in A.M. May went over to Helen's. Embroidered in P.M. The new sidewalk is going to look fine.

September 11, 1916

Mon. Lovely

Washed in A.M. Mother came over in A.M. Went to show in Eve. "The Woman He Married." Very good. Turnbill players here for week.

September 10, 1916

Sun. Lovely

May went home to dinner. Mother came over in P.M. Stayed home all day. Mrs. Doanes' birthday. Went to walk.

September 9, 1916

Sat. Lovely

Coked in A.M. May played with children. Went home in Eve. Went down town in Eve. with Mother & May. Saw Lucy. Called on Mrs. Powers.

September 8, 1916

Fri. Pleasant & cool

Cleared downstairs in A.M. Embroidered in P.M. Went home. Mother came over. Went to bed early.


September 7, 1916

Thurs. Rain

Mrs. Heath came over in A.M. Stayed 11/2 hrs. Mildred came over to play with May. Went home in Eve.

September 6, 1916

Wed. Rain

May's birthday. 7 years old. Ironed in A.M. Went to bank with May. Got lots of presents. Rain coat & hat. Feels very proud.

September 5, 1916

Tues. Rain

Ironed in A.M. & late in P.M. Went home. May played over to Helen's. Very tired. Went to bed early. Sam came.


September 4, 1916

Mon. Lovely Day

Labor Day. Washed in A.M. E. did not work in P.M. Fixed lock on door. Picked plums. Mr. Wheeler died last night.

September 3, 1916

Sun. Cool

Fred came over to dinner. Mother came. May did not go to S.S. Mr. & Mrs. Smith called. Went to walk in Eve.

September 2, 1916

Sat. Cooler

Mowed lawn in A.M. took a nap in P.M. Saw Cora & Bill & Olive in Eve. Had great time. Also saw Beatrice Cary Sills.

September 1, 1916

Fri Hot

Cleaned upstairs. May went to Josephine's. Rowes & Helen's. Went over to Pearls and Lucy's in P.M. We went to walk in P.M. Fred came.

August 31, 1916

Thurs. Hot

Last day of Fair. We did not go. Saw parade in A.M. Grand. Went to bed in P.M. May gave kids star fish. went to Ideal in Eve.

August 30, 1916

Wed. Hot

took 7:55 train for Boston. Went in R.H. Whites. Mrs. D bought rug. got dinner at Waldorf and got home in P.M. Phyllis B. married.

August 29, 1916

Tues. Hot

Children found jellyfish on beach. Went in bathing. Went to Gloucester in .M. got health certificate. Saw 9ft shark.

August 28, 1916

Mon. Cold & Rainy ###

Children played in home. Very good. Tide very high. Sewed. Pinched finger. Went to bed in P.M. Sewed in Eve.

August 27, 1916

Sun. Hot

We all went to church. Heard Dr. Dewey of Minn. Very good. Turkey for dinner. Mrs. D. & I & children went to Pigeon Cove. Got starfish.

August 26, 1916

Sat. Hot

E. started for home. Stopped in boston for Ball game. Very lonesome. Stayed home. May went in bathing. Mr. & Mrs. Thayer came.

August 25, 1916

Fri. Hot

E. & May went in bathing in P.M. Went around cape by trolley. Lovely ride. E. went to Gloucester. Played cards.

August 24, 1916

Thurs. Cloudy & Rain in A.M.

Not much doing. Wore blue silk poplin. Stayed home all day. "Valley" went in bathing in P.M. Played cards.

August 23, 1916

Wed. Hot

Took a walk to the Headlands. Dr. went home. Did not feel very well in P.M. Went to lawn party in Eve. Went to docks.

August 22, 1916

Tues. Hot

We all went to Gloucester in A.M. visited Woolworths and Brones[?] May and others went in bathing in P.M. Played cards in Eve.

August 21, 1916

Mon. Hot

May & E. went in bathing. E. & Dr, went to Gloucester. Mrs. Weatherhead got hurt at pump. Played cards in Eve.

August 20, 1916

Sun. Lovely

May & Ernest went in bathing. We all went around the cape in motor boat. May & I seasick.

August 19, 1916

Sat. Lovely

May went in bathing. Ernest & Dr. went to Boston. Children played. Went to walk in Eve. Tired.

August 18, 1916

Fri. Hot

Ernest & May went in bathing. Stayed at hotel all day. Played cards in Eve. Ernest & Dr. went to Gloucester.

August 17, 1916

Thurs. Lovely Day

May went in bathing. We all went to Long Beach in P.M. Went to bed early. Very tired.


August 16, 1916

Wed. Very Hot

Started for Boston at 7 A.M. Arrived in Rockport about 6. Doanes went also. Ernest. May Mother. Arrived in Rockport for supper. Bought May's suit at Jordan Marsh. Silk dress at Filenes. E & Dr stayed to the ballgame.

August 15, 1916

Tues. Lovely Day

Ironed in P.M. Went down town. Packed trunk in Eve. Band concert. Getting ready for Rockport.

August 14, 1916

Mon. Hot

Washed a little. Laundry came. Houghton's Sale. Went down town in P.M. Worked hard all day. Mother came.

August 13, 1916

Sun. Warm

No S.S. today. Stayed in all day. did not change dress. Went home in Eve.