September 29, 1918


No church. Lovely day. Every one sick. Emergency Hospital at White House.


September 28, 1918


Board of Health closes everything. Spanish Influenza is at its height. No school or nothing.

September 27, 1918



September 26, 1918


Blank page.

September 25, 1918

Wed  Cloudy

Washed a little in A.M. Mother still improves. Pa & E worked again at mill. Fred stayed to supper. May & I went to Movies. They were good.


September 24, 1918

Tues.  Rain

Mother is lots better. E. & Pa worked down at mill tearing down buildings. May & I went to Movies in Eve. They were very good.


September 23, 1918

Mon.  Rainy & Fair

Cooked in A.M. Went down town in P.M. Paid H.& S. $10. All in. Went to bed with May. Mother is better.

September 22, 1918

Sun.  Cold

May went to S.S. with Josephine. Fred came over. Made fudge. Mother is better. Francis Lawrence & May walked.
[Funny looking symbol drawn and crossed out.]


September 21, 1918

Sat. Pleasant Cold

Cleaned down stairs. Mother had doctor in P.M. May & I went down town in Eve. Mother is better to-ward night.

September 20, 1918

Fri.  Rain

Ironed. Swept up stairs. Helen Perry came over to play with May. E. May & I went to Movies in Eve.


September 19, 1918

Thurs  Rain in A.M. &  P.M.

Ironed in A.M. Made pickle lily to-day. Fred came over as usual. Mother is about the same. Early to bed.


September 18, 1918

Wed.  Rain

Mother has a cold. Went to Movies in P.M. alone. May took music lesson. E. & I went down town in Eve. Fred & Marion stayed with May.

September 17, 1918

Tues  Rain

Fred chopped kindling all day. Helen Perry came to play with May. Ma went to Dr's for cold. Went home in Eve.


September 16, 1918

Mon.  Rainy in A.M.

School as usual. Pa's kindling came on big truck. Fred & he carried it in P.M. May went to play with Doris Stearns.

September 15, 1918

May - Marion & I went to church. Fred & Marion over nearly all day. Knit on sock. Miss Drinker & Mother came.


September 14, 1918


Finished ironing. Marion went to Beardley's shack in P.M. Alma White went to Springfield, Mass. to teach. Went down town in Eve.

September 13, 1918

Fri.  Fine ###

Ironed in A.M. Went to bed in P.M. Ernest - Marion - Fred - May & I went to Movies. "Doug" Fairbanks. Good.


September 12, 1918

Thurs.  Lovely

Ironed in A.M. & P.M. Mended a little. May - Ma & I went to Movies in Eve. They were good. Tired.

September 11, 1918

Wed.  Lovely

Cooked in A.M. Ma & I went to Movies in P.M. Saw Ray Wood. May took music lesson. Went down town in Eve.

September 10, 1918

Tues.  Fine

Washed a little in a.M. May - Ma & I went to Movies in Eve. They were good. Ernest & Frank Locke went.

September 9, 1918

Mon.  Rainy

Did not have much to do. Made 8 jars of crabapple jelly. Show here all week. Ma - May & I went down town.

September 8, 1918

Sun.  Fair

Marion went to church. Alma White came over in P.M. Made fudge. Fred was over all day.

September 7, 1918

Sat.  Lovely

Cooked in A.M.  alice White came. May went to Movies. Ma May & I went down town in Eve. Cold as deuce.


September 6, 1918

Fri.  Fair

May's birthday. 9 yrs old. Went down town in P.M. Bought sweater for her & books. Got lots of gifts. Went to Movies in Eve.