February 12, 1918

Tues. Rain

Went home as usual. May took music lesson in P.M. Marion went to Red Cross. Mended in Eve. Went down town in P.M. All in.

February 11, 1918

Mon. Lovely

Went home in A.M. Marion & I went to Red Cross Party at Amie Greenes. Fun. Paid .20 played 500. 2 tables. It was the limit. Ma came over in early Eve.

February 10, 1918

Sun. Lovely Warmer

May went to S.S. in A.M. and over home to dinner. Ma & Pa came over in Eve. Marion made fudge. Had headache. Went to bed in Eve.

February 9, 1918

Sat. Lovely Cold

May went to Helen's in P.M. went down town in Eve. with Marion went to Albee's store. Bought gray hose and May's blue boudoir cap.

February 8, 1918

Fri. Cold

Cleaned up stairs in A.M. Went down town in P.M. Went to Altrurians in Eve at Virginia Slacks. Marion went. Mrs. Bailey of St. Johnsbury spoke. Albee & Philbrook store opening.


February 7, 1918

Thurs. Cold

Ironed in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Pa & Ma came over. Mrs. Morgan died last Eve. Marion went & heard Rev. Geo. {?}

February 6, 1918

Wed. Warmer

School kept. Worked in A.M. like deuce. Did not go out. Ma & Pa came in. Josephine came to play with May in P.M. Tired.

February 5, 1918

Tues. Terribly cold & windy

School did not keep it was so cold. British Liner tuscania sunk with U.S. troops on. 167 lost. We did not go out all day. May went to Helens. May took music lessons.

February 4, 1918

Mon. Snow again

My cold is terrible. May went to Marie Dressel's party in P.M. Ma & Pa came over. Sewed in P.M. Went to bed early. Tired.

February 3, 1918

Sun. Snow

May did not o to S.S. Went home. Pa & Ma came over. Got a terrible cold. Marion made candy. Read n P.M. Early to bed.

February 2, 1918

Sat. Fine

Worked hard all day. Rummage sale at LaFountains Store. Did not go. Went down town in P.M. & Eve with Marion & May.

February 1, 1918

Fri Cold

Cleaned down stairs. Ma & I went down town in A.M. Pa fixed cord on electric iron. May went up to Shirleys in P.M. Ironed in Eve.

January 31, 1918

Thurs. Fine

Went home in A.M. Washed a little. Went down town in P.M. Marion & I went to Social at Mrs. Bryants in Eve. Had a pretty fair time. Marion spoke. May went to Beatrice Blanchard's party.

January 30, 1918

Wed. Lovely

May's glasses broke. Went down in A.M. & got them fixed. Helen came in P.M. Marion & I went to Musicale at Fullams in Eve. Mrs H.C. Slack & Miss Colby from Boston. Lura went also.


January 29, 1918

Tues. Snowy

May is on honor roll again. Beatrice Blanchard & Vivian Armstrong came to play with May. Never again. Went down town in Eve. Ma came in.

January 28, 1918

Mon Lovely

May went to school as usual. Went home. Marion went up to Miss Murray's in eve. May & Helen played in P.M. Sewed. Ma came over.


January 27, 1918

Sun. Lovely & Cold

May did not go to S.S. E. worked all P.M. on roof. Made fudge in Eve. Read nearly all day. Pa came over. Went home in Eve & P.M.

January 26, 1918

Sat. Lovely

A & P opened. MA & May & I went down early & got sugar. Terrible crowd. Rummage sale for Red Cross by Altrurian in P.M. & Eve. Not many there. Down town in Eve.

January 25, 1918

Fri. Fine

Gladys telephoned no Altrurian meeting to-night. Cleaned up stairs. Ironed in Eve. Eileen B. & eleanor C. came in P.M. Ma & I went down town.

January 24, 1918

Thurs. Lovely

Went home in a.M. Fred came over and "trimmed" Marion's room. Went at noon. Went to movies in Eve. Pretty good. Made a napkin.