March 15, 1918

Fri. fine

May is still on gain slowly. Ear still aches. Held her nearly all day. E. is still bad both ears are bum. Suffers terribly.

March 14, 1918

Thurs. cold

May is better. Ear still aches. E. has come down with it. Was up all night with it. Ulcer broke in ear. Terrible pain. What next.

March 13, 918

Wed. Lovely

May was sick all night. Had high fever & delirious. Had doctor in A.M. Cattaral [sic] cold. Glands swollen. Awful sick.

March 12, 1918

Tues. Lovely

May has a terrible earache. Cried all A.M. Held her nearly all day. E. got medicine. Hope she will be better. Ma & Pa came in.


March 11, 1918

Mon. Lovely

May started school this A.M. Liked it. Went to Movies in Eve. with Mother & Marion. E. is on the mend. Wish I could sport.

March 10, 1918

Sun. Snow all night and all the day

May went to S.S. in a.M. It stopped almost at noon but started up again. E. stayed in bed nearly all day. I am all discouraged.

March 9, 1918

Sat. Cold

May is better a whole lot. Went down for me in A.M. & P.M. Ma & I went down town in Eve. Had lots of fun. E. was sick. I wonder why.

Note: I think she means he's sick from drinking.

March 8, 1918

Fri. Cloudy

May did not go to school. Slept until 11-15. Had good rest. Ironed in A.M. & P.M. Went to club at Mrs. Albee's in Eve. Mr. Flanders spoke.


March 7, 1918

Thurs. Snow in A.M. Fine in P.M.

Ironed May's dress. Went down town in A.M. Went to Red Cross benefit in P.M. & Eve. Mother went in P.M. May & Marion spoke. May did fine. Spoke, "One of Those Awful Children." Great.

March 6, 1918

Wed. Lovely

May seems some better. Miss Flavin wrote her a nice letter. Embroidered on May's dress. Very pretty. Tired.

March 5, 1918

Tues. fien & Warmer

Town meeting day. Teachers got raise. Mr. Thompson is dead. Also Mr. Forbush. Marion went to Reception. Miss Hobbs & Harriman came. May is about the same.

March 4, 1918

Mon. Cold & Windy

May has a terrible cold. Did not go to school. Helen brought her arithmetic. Went to Ideal with Mother in Eve. Marion went to Parent - Teachers.


March 3, 1918

Sun. Colder

May went to S.S. in a.M. Has a cold. Too bad. Stayed in all day. Went home in Eve. May wore new gray & red dress.

March 2, 1918

Sat. Warm

Bought eggs and butter of Huntoon. May went out to play in P.M. & got soaking wet. Went down town in P.M. & Eve with Mother. Had fun.


March 1, 1918

Fri. Warm

March has come in like a lamb. May has a little cold. got her a dress at Jones'. Very pretty. Cleaned up stairs in A.M. and worked until 4 P.M.

February 28, 1918

Thurs. Fine

Ironed in a.M. Went down town in P.M. May went over to Helen's in P.M. Mr. Forbush is very sick. Miss Booth is worse. Too bad.

February 27, 1918

Wed. Fine

May took lesson in P.M. Paid. Went down town in P.M. Went to Movies in Eve. with Mother & May. Madame Petrova. "More truth than Pretty."

February 26, 1918

Tues. Fine

Coal did not come. Mother - Marion & I went to Albee's to the kids show. It was fine. "The Fairies Dream." They made $2.31 and gave it to the Red Cross. Mr. Berent is sick.

February 25, 1918

Mon. Warm like spring

Ma came over in A.M & Eve. Pa came in P.M. Went down town in P.M. May went after pussy willows. Got feet wet. Miss Booth is better.

February 24, 1918

Sun. Warmer

May went to S.S. in A.M. Helen & she went after pussy willows in P.M. Made a butterfly in P.M. Went home. Marion came at midnight.

February 23, 1918

Sat. Warm Cold in Eve

May & I slept late. Went home. cleaned down saris. May - Ma & I went down town in Eve. Bought double boiler. Fred is in Class K. [?] B.

February 22, 1918

Fri. Warmer Snow

School did not keep. Washington's Birthday. E. did not work in P.M. Went to Altrurian Party at Mary Wheeler's in Eve. Courtship of Miles Standish. Very good.

February 21, 1918

Thurs. Cold as deuce

May came home early. Cold at school. Marion went home at noon. Went home in P.M. Pa. Ma- May & I went to Movies in Eve.

February 20, 1918

Wed. Warm & Cold in Eve.

Washed a little in a.M. Went home. May went down town in P.M. Germans overthrow Bolshevik Gov. in Russia. Get Poland. Ricq and other towns.

February 19, 1918

Tues. Warm & Rain

Cleaned up stairs in A.M. May took lesson in P.M. Went to Helen's in P.M. Marion & I went down town in P.M. Mended in Eve.

February 18, 1918

Mon. Warm

Cleaned down stairs in A.M. Went to Movies in Eve with Marion - Good. Sewed in P.M. May practiced 40 min. Tired in Eve.

February 17, 1918

Sun. Cold

Ironed. Worked hard all day. May went to S.S. & home to dinner. Went home in P.M. Made fudge in Eve. Marion stayed to supper at Durkees.


February 16, 1918

Sat. Cold

Better to-day. May went to Movies in P.M. Ma & I went down town in Eve. Marion stayed with May. Got wisteria silk for dress.

February 15, 1918

Fri. Lovely ###

No School. Teacher's Convention at Brattleboro. Marion went. Sick all day. E. got dinner. May went to Helen's in P.M. Ma & Pa came over. Better in Eve.

February 14, 1918

Thurs. Fine

Worked like the devil in A.M. Went down town in P.M. Marion went to Hobbs Red Cross Party. Went to Movies in Eve with Pa. Ma & Marion. E. stayed with May.

February 13, 1918

Wed. Fine & Warm

May & I saw "Larinary [?] Jay" in A.M. Went down town in P.M. Went to Movies in Eve with Ma & Pa. May & Marion. They were fine.