September 29, 1915

Wednesday Cold & Fair

Went over to Mrs. W's & Mary's in A.M. Sheila & Helen came over. Uncle Sam at Moore's. We all went down town in Eve. Mrs. W. came in.

September 28, 1915

Met Mrs. Gast. Lovely time.
Tuesday Wind & Cold
Mrs. Doane wore E.'s suit.

Ironed in A.M. Went home in P. M. E. & I went to B.F. to Carnival in Eve. with the Wheelers. May stayed with Grandma. Had a great time.

September 27, 1915

Monday Wind & Lovely

Helped with washing in A.M. Went down town in P.M. with May. Bought her a new "tam." She looks cute in it.


September 26, 1915

Wind blew in night terrible
Sunday Rained

May did not go to S.S. Went home to dinner. Had a lovely dinner. We all went home in Eve.

September 25, 1915

Mother came over.
Saturday Lovely

Cooked in A.M. Mrs. W. came over. May went to Mrs. Baker's party at church in P.M. Went down town in Eve.

September 24, 1915

Mrs. Baker called.
Friday Cold & Fair

Cleaned up & down stairs. Went home in P.M. & sewed. Mary came over. May played with Helen. Went to Ideal.

September 23, 1915

Thursday Cold

Mrs. W. came over in A.M. Went home in P.M. May went over to Helen's in P.M. Mother came in eve. Went home in Eve.


September 22, 1915

Saw "Island of Regeneration"
Wednesday Cold

May wore new sweater to school. Miss G. Mother, May & I went to Ideal in P.M. Went home & down town in Eve.


September 21, 1915

Brattleboro Fair postponed until tomorrow. Rain
Tuesday Cooler
Paid Mrs Doane my dollar.
Rained in A.M. May used new umbrella for first time. Ironed in A.M. Went home with May in P.M. Mrs. W & Miss G. came in Eve.

September 20, 1915

Monday Cool

Did not send May to school. All right in P.M. Helped with washing in A.M. and went down town in P.M. Called at Doanes.

September 19, 1915

Sunday Cooler

May has a little cold, Sick in eve and in night. Miss Greene came in P.M. We all went home in Eve.


September 18, 1915

Down to Doane's in Eve.
Saturday Cooler

Lovely today. Worked like the dickens. May went to Shirley's in P.M. Went to ride with Doanes.'

September 17, 1915

"Dad's Girl at Opera House"
Friday Hot

Ironed in A.M. Got it all done. May & I went to bed in P.M. Went home in Eve. E. all in.

September 16, 1915

Thursday Hot

Glad May only goes to school half a day this weather. May, Mother & I went to Ideal in P.M. Mrs. W. came over. Went home.


September 15, 1915

Band Concert in eve.
Wednesday Hot

Cleaned kitchen. Mrs. W. came over in A.M. Went to ride with Wheelers in P.M. May went. Had a long ride.


September 14, 1915

Tuesday Hot

Worked and sewed. May & I went to bed in P.M. Mrs. Greene invited me to go to Ideal. May stayed over home.

September 13, 1915

Monday Rain & Colder

May started another week of school. Helped with washing in a.M. Stayed over home to dinner. Sewed in P.M. went over home in Eve.

September 12, 1915

Came home with Staple's chauffer
Sunday Cooler

Mrs Greene went also
Went on a picnic with Whitney's to Ackerman's Shack. Lovely time. E. & Mr. W. cooked. May and Arthur has (sic) lovely time.

September 11, 1915

Saturday ### Hot

Worked in A.M. and sewed in P.M. May played with Helen nearly all day. Went down town in Eve.

September 10, 1915

Cleaned all upstairs in A.M.
Wrote to Poole of Rockport & Maude
Friday Hot

Went home in P.M. Jennie came. Visited all P.M. May went over to Helen's. Went over in Eve. Ma came.


September 9, 1915

Thursday Hot

Finished ironing. May likes her school. Went home & sewed. Wheelers & Smiths went to Rutland Fair. Ma & Pa came in Eve.


September 8, 1916

Band Concert in Eve.
Wednesday Hot

Ironed in A.M. Went home in P.M. with May. She only has to go in A.M. Glad. Mother & I went to Ideal & saw "The Rosary."


September 7, 1915

Mrs. W. & Mary came over. Went home in P.M. Mary's in Eve.
Tuesday Hot

May started for school the first time. Liked it very much. Went up with her. Hated to have her go. Went to meet her in P.M.

September 6, 1915

Birthday cake-sweater-ring-money-umbrella and flowers-book & handkerchiefs
Monday Lovely

May's birthday. 6 years old. Helped with washing in A.M. Went down town in P.M. Shirley & Helen ate supper with May.


September 5, 1915

Band Concert this P.M.
Lura came over
Sunday Hot

May went to S.S. Grandpa does not feel. May did not go to dinner. All went over in Eve. Annie Greene has daughter.


September 4, 1915

Down town in Eve. Weigh 143
Saturday Hot
E. went to Bellows Falls

Went to Claremont with May. Dr. Edmunds fixed bows of glasses. Bought manicure set. music. Saw Mattie & Ray & Roy Dodge & Barrister {?}

September 3, 1915

Gave May a shampoo.
Saw Ethel's baby
Friday Cora & Bill went home Warmer

Went home in A.M. with May. May went over to Helen's. Mary & Margaret came over in P.M. Went to Mrs. S. in Eve. Mended in Eve.

September 2, 1915

Got pictures of vacation
thursday Lovely

2nd day of Fair. May & I went in P.M. Merry-go-round broken so could not ride. We had a good time. Went to Ideal in Eve. with Mother.

September 1, 1915

Wednesday Cool & lovely

First day of fair. Did not go. Band concert in Eve. Ironed in P.M. Mother & Pa came over in Eve. E. tired & did not go out. Early to bed.

August 31, 1915

Tuesday Cool & Fair

Cleaned the den in A.M. Mary came over. Went home in P.M. 7 sewed. Had little headache. Went to bed early.