April 22, 1919

Tues.  Lovely

May & I went to Claremont. Had fine time. Saw lots of Springfield people there. Had glasses fixed. Came home at 4 from Claremont. Helen Bro??d [?] went.

Note: Possibly "Brossard"?

April 21, 1919

Mon.  Lovely

Washed kitchen & pantry windows & pantry curtains. Went down town in P.M. May went to Movies in P.M. Went home in Eve.

April 20, 1919

Sun.  Easter  Beautiful

May wore new cape & brown hat. Looks great. Spoke at church. Went in A.M. Mother - May & I went to Vespers.

April 19, 1919

Sat.  Lovely  Cold

Finished May's cape. Looks cute. Went down town in Eve with May & Mother. Mahar-Boss and some others of 26 Y.D. here. [?]

April 18, 1919

Fri.  Warmer - Cloudy

Sewed on cape. Edith Miller came. Mrs. S came in P.M. Went to Movies in Eve with Doanes.

April 17, 1919

Thurs.  Warmer

Finished cleaning pantry. went down town in P.M. Sewed in Eve. Paid for hat. May played with Shirley.

April 16, 1919

Wed.  Cold & Rainy

Finished ironing. E has sore throat. Paid milk bill. Cut out May's brown cape. May took music lesson after school.

April 15, 1919

Tues.  Cold

Worked out doors in A.M. Went home in P.M. Ironed. E raked across road. looks fine. [sic] May played with girls.

April 14, 1919

Mon.  Colder

Phyllis B. has a little girl. Washed a little in A.M. School began. May is glad. Got 100. Played with kids in P.M. Went down town in P.M.

April 13, 1919


May went to S.S. Head ached all day.  Pressed E pants. [sic] E worked on bank. Went home in A.M. with May.


April 12, 1919

Sat. Lovely

May & Shirley went to Movies in P.M. May & I  went down town in Eve. Got pattern for May's cape. Sam bought May tulips. Tired.


April 11, 1919

Fri. Rain in Eve.  ##

May went to Hazel Carelton's party. Had good time. all in. Sick nearly all day. Better in Eve.

April 10, 1919

Thurs.  Fine & colder

May stayed home to-day. Cooked for me. She & I went to Movies in Eve. They were good. Painters came to Pas. Mrs. Pratt died of pneumonia.

April 9, 1919

Wed.  Fine

Finished ironing in P.M. May played out all day. Went down town in Eve. Mrs. Pratt very low.


April 8, 1919

Tues.  Warm

Washed quilt & blankets. May & Helen ate dinner on piazza. Played out all day. Took music lesson. Went home in Eve. Library & Movies open.

April 7, 1919

Mon.  Cloudy & Rain

Cleaned nearly all pantry. May played with Helen. Went home. All in. Saw a J.D. soldier to-day. Sewed in Eve.

Note: I don't know what "J.D. soldier" means.


April 6, 1919

Sun. Lovely & Warm

Shampooed my hair. May went to walk in P.M. Went home. Pa came over. Went home in Eve. All in.

April 5, 1919

Sat.  Lovely

Worked hard all day. May made pie and cake. Played with kids all P.M. Went down town in Eve. Got suit from tailors.


April 4, 1919


Cleaned kitchen drawers, buffet & desk. Sewed on table-cloth in Eve. Rainy. May went out in P.M. Tired.

April 3, 1919


 May made Grandma & I a cake. Cleaned up stairs. May & I went down street in P.M. Went home in Eve. All in. Throat sore.

April 2, 1919

Wed. Cold

Mr. ford killed with saw. Terrible. windy. Went home with May. Sewed in P.M. Made two aprons. Ironed. All in.


April 1, 1919

Tues  Colder

Finished Ma's floor. Looks fine. May fooled everyone. Made black bag. It looks fine. Ma is a lot better. Pa came over in P.M.