August 30, 1915

Monday Rainy

Helped with terrible washing. Fred went in P.M. too Greenfield. May went down town on errand and over to Helen's. We all stayed to dinner.

August 29, 1915

Sunday Rainy & Cold

May & I went home to breakfast. May went to S.S. and homne to dinner. Fred came over in P.M. All went home in Eve. E. bought gray sweater.

August 28, 1915

E. went to B.F. in Eve. to Sale
Saturday Cold

Worked and went home in A.M. Ironed a little. Fred came. called up Mrs. D. Returned May's sweater. Went home in Eve.

August 27,2009

The Smiths came over
Fred came and went to Bristol
Friday Cold

Mrs. W. & Mary came over. Mrs. W & Mrs. B & Joe gave a party at Mrs. B. Not invited. Mrs Doane came up in Eve.

Note: Fun to see the reference to my town (Bristol). I wonder what he was selling up here. Also, sort of poignant "Not invited" I wonder about the whole story and the feelings behind that short phrase.


August 26, 1915

Thursday Cold

Feeling rested. E. glad to see us. Mrs. S. came over. Had a good supper. Went home in Eve. Mary came. Mr & Mrs.Thayer came.


August 25, 1915

Wednesday Hot & muggy

All rested well. Went shopping in A.M. Started for home at 1-15. Hot travelling. Got home at 4PM. May glad to see kids.


August 24, 1915

May is a good little girl
Tuesday Hot

Started for Boston at 9.09. Put up at Adams House. Ate at Child's. Did stores in P.M. Went to Kuths in Eve. Great.

August 23, 1915

Went through "Fisherman's Row"
Monday Hot

Took some pictures. Went in bathing with May. Water only 50. Went down to dock. Saw Haines yacht. Saw lobsters.

August 22, 1915

Turkey & Lobster
Sunday Showers & Hot

Went to church with Mrs. W. Mrs. D. & children. Rained after dinner. Took a walk and read. Mosquitoes thick.

August 21, 1915

Miss Merrill & Artist Perkins
Saturday Hot

Went to Gloucester in A.M. Water only 58. Did not go in. Took some pictures. Turley girls went home. Sewed a little.


August 20, 1915

May met "Lobster John"
Friday Warmer

Went in bathing with May. Took pictures. Walked to Headlands with Mrs. D. and children. Wrote to E. Bought May slip.


August 19, 1915

Went in bathing
Thursday Cool

E. & Dr. started for home in auto. Hated to have them go. We all went to Glucester. Saw "Baby Mine" Got cards from them.

August 18, 1915

E's birthday Played cards
Wednesday Cold

E and Dr. went to Boston. May & I & grandma's (sic) has photo taken. We all went to Gloucester. The children liked the trained dogs.

August 17, 1915

In eve played cards
Tuesday Cold

Lots of surf & white caps. Too cold to go in bathing. took auto ride with D's to Annisquam [?] and Gloucester. The willows are fine.

Note: I'm not sure if this is the name of the town. Was it famous for willow trees?

August 16, 1915

Magnolia beautiful place
Monday Hot

Mother likes very much. May & Shirley & Whitney went on beach. Took auto ride in P.M. with D's to Manchester - Magnolia - & Gloucester.

Note: I have to share a bizarre coincidence. My mother is up visiting from CT. We all went up to see my son in Burlington on Sunday August 16th and he took us out to a restaurant he had chosen called Magnolia. When we came home I took out the diary - (which I had been telling my mother about and feeling guilty about because I was days behind on posting). I flipped to Aug 16 so I could read the "same day in 1915" to her and found the entry about Magnolia and Mother. Having read the diary years ago with no memory at all of this page it was a REALLY strange!

August 15, 1915

Fred telephoned from Boston
Ethel and Mill [.....?] have a son
Sunday Turkey and Lobster

Lots of bathers out. Roast turkey for dinner. Went to East Gloucester & and Pigeon Cove with Dr. Beautiful ride. Mother came.

Note: One of the very few times the weather is not noted -the fancy dinner took precedence!
Ada has gone over many of these entries in pen - they were originally in pencil. Perhaps she accidentally left her special pen at home and used a pencil from the hotel,

August 14, 1915

Bathing fine
Saturday Hot

Ernest and Dr. went to Boston. Mrs W, Mrs. D. children and myself went to Gloucester. Came home with headache. Went to bed early.

August 13, 1915

Painted stones. "Turn me over"
Friday Hot ###

May & Shirley went in bathing. Everyone went. took auto ride to Paradise Cliffs with Doanes. Saw Artists Reynolds home.

August 12, 1915

Arrived about 3 - 3-30
Thursday Hot

Started for Rockport at 6-55 with Ernest & May. Doanes and Weatherheads met us at Hotel Doors. Just fine. Tired.

August 11, 1915

Cora arrived
Wednesday Hot

Ironed nearly all day. May played with Helen. Went down town in Eve, Mother came over.

August 10, 1915

Helen came over to Mays
Tuesday Fair

Went home and down town in A.M. Bought palm beach suit & shoes. Borrowed Lura's bathing suit. Ironed in Eve.


August 9, 1915

May went to play with Helen
Monday Showers & Fair

Helped with washing in A.M. Stayed to dinner. went down town in P.M. Bought new waist at sale. Getting ready for Rockport.


August 8, 1915

E. collected for Thompson.
Sunday Fair & Hot

Has not rained yet (9:30 P.M.) Fred has a new Palm Beach Suit. "Brig" came up. Fred went to Springfield, Mass. E. went to B.F. with Doane.

August 7, 1915

Saw Alva Eaton
Saturday Fair & Rain

Did not rain until tonight. Had thunderstorm. Fred came. Went down town in Eve. May, Sheila & Helen had picnic over to Helen's.


August 6, 1915

Got a letter from Mrs. Weatherhead
Friday Rain

Went home in A.M. and over again in P.M. and sewed. Dan Aher got dishes at Ideal. May played with Helen.

Note:"Dan Aher got dishes at Ideal" Jean Shephard wrote a wonderful short story called something and "the Orpheum Gravy Boat Riot" about a movie theatre in the depression that gives away a piece of a dinner set each week and then ends up giving nothing but gravy boats for weeks in a row until the crowd turns nasty and riots. I think what Ada is referring to is something along those lines - where you buy a ticket each week at the movies - and "Dan Aher" has just won the whole set.

August 5, 1915

Thursday Rain

Will the sun ever shine? May & I went home in P.M. Went to Ideal in Eve. with Mother.

August 4,1915

No band concert
Wednesday Rainy

Ironed in A.M. Helen came to play with May. Went home & sewed in P.M. Mother came over.


August 3, 1915

This is my birthday
Tuesday Rain & Cool

E. gave me $2. May played with Helen nearly all day. went home in P.M. May went over to supper. Mother came over in Eve.

August 2, 1915

Tomorrow is my birthday I wonder if anyone will remember.
Monday Rain & Hot

Helped with washing in A.M. Mother came over in P.M. Pa brought vegetables. Mrs. W. & Mary came over. Went to Ideal with May.