June 28, 1918

Fri  Fine

All in today. Went home in A.M. E did not work. May took lesson. Springfield went over the top on W.S.S. Big time at Opera House. Leon Dabo [?] spoke. Did not go.


June 27, 1918

Thurs.  Lovely

E did not work. Ma May E & I went to Claremont. May had her glasses changed. Saw Mattie & Alice. Went to Movies in Eve. E took Warners to ride.

June 26, 1918

Wed.  Lovely  Warmer

May went to S.S. picnic picnic [sic] in P.M. at Hartness Park with kids. Mother & I went to Movies in P.M. Rotten. Mother May & I went to walk in Eve.

June 25, 1918

Tues.   Cold

Washed in A.M.May helped a lot to-day. Went to knitting club in P.M. Went home. Ma came over. Went home in Eve. with May. Tired.

June 24, 1918

Mon  Lovely   Cold

Better to-day. Did not do any hardly all day. [sic] W.S.S. campaign began. E pledged $10 a month until Jan 1. Went home and early to bed.


June 23, 1918

Sun.  Rain ###

Sick all day. May did not go to S.S. Went home. Judge Blanchard came. E worked on W.S.S. campaign in P.M. Mrs. Smith came for may to play to company.


June 22, 1918

Sat.  Rain

Headache all day. E got 42. Ma come over. May stayed in all day. Mother May & I went down town in Eve. Went home. Paid augell [?] & Handy Brown.

June 21, 1918

Fri   Fine  Rain in Eve

Last day of school. May promoted to 5th grade.Fine Report Card. All  Es & one G+.  Did not go to Alumni. Gave tickets to Albees. Went to Movies. Marion went home.


June 20, 1918

Thurs   Lovely

Visited May's school in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Marion took lunch. All went to Movies. Marion went to Grad. Exercises. Fire at Shoddy Mill. May went to knitting class. Sent Clifford girl flowers.


June 19, 1918

Wed. Lovely

Ironed in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Went to Movies in Eve with Marion. Bought stockings for May to give to Miss Flavin.

Note: Rather an odd teacher's gift!


June 18, 1918

Tues  Lovely

Laundry came. E. has headache. Ma came over. Went down town in P.M. Went home. May went to knitting class.

June 17, 1918

Mon  Fine

Tired to-day. Washed a little and cleaned up stairs. Went to Movies. Pretty good. Marion went to Florence Hatch shower.


June 16, 1918

Sun.   Lovely

Old Carrick came again. Sent him flying. E. took he and some others to ride. Ma - Marion -  May E & I went to Sunapee in P.M. It was great.


June 15, 1918

Sat.  Fine

May went to magician. Mowed lawn. Swept downstairs.Teachers go to Beddsley's shack. Went down town in Eve with Mother & May. Bougas store opened.


June 14, 1918

Fri  Lovely

Cleaned up stairs. Ilene and Eleanor came in P.M. Went down to bridge to see "Blackstone the Magician" do his stunt. Saw dive.



June 12, 1918

No entry.

June 11, 1918

Tues.  Hot

Lura came over. Marion & she went out in Eve. Ma came over. May went to knitting class. Helen & Josephine came over.


June 10, 1918

Mon   Rainy & Cold

Cleaned up all around. Mended in P.M. & Eve. E did not work in P.M. Went fishing. Caught 29. Fine.

June 9, 1918

Sun   Lovely & hot

Children's Day. May spoke. Wore new dress. Cute. Went to church with Marion. Made fudge in P.M. May -Sam Grandma & E. went to lodge[?]

Note: not completely sure it says "lodge"


June 8, 1918

Sat.  Hot

Mrs. La F. came in A.M. Worked all day. Sewed on May's dress until 12 at night. Went down town in Eve. Eclipse on sun.


June 7, 1918

Fri. Rain in A.M.  Pleasant in P.M.

Cleaned up stairs & ironed. Sewed in P.M. Went to Honeymoon Lane. Mrs. La F. & Eliz S. & I sold tickets. Passed programmes. Big crowd. Good. May took lesson.

June 6, 1918

Thurs.  Cold

Ironed in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Went to Honeymoon Lane in Eve. Passed programmes. Pretty good. Sold dance tickets.

June 5, 1918

Wed  Fine

Ironed in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Went to rehearsal in Eve. down town in P.M. Rehearsal went bum. Costumes pretty.


June 4, 1918

Tues   Lovely

Sewed on May's dress all day. Laundry came. Cleaned upper hall. Marion went to rehearsal. Planted garden.


June 3, 1918

Mon.  Hot

Washed a little. U. Boat sink [sic] 15 vessels off Jersey coast. Terrible. Went to Movies. Skin g[--]e. [?] Pictures did not come. All excited.

Note: Altogether a rather strange post.


June 2, 1918

Sun.  Hot

May went to S.S. E. Marion . Mildred & I took long ride in P.M. Got back - 8-30. tired. Took Pa after we came home.

Sat June 1

Sat  Lovely

Worked hard all day. Marion went to ball game in P.M. Went down town in Eve. Put Posters in windows in Eve. All in.