The End

That was the final post for Ada's five year diary. She has other diaries that I will post, but I'm taking a break for awhile.
The following year (1920) Ada does not keep a diary. It was a very sad year for her. Marion, her close friend, and sister in law - wife of Fred Grimshaw  - dies in childbirth. I think Ada must have been devastated.
And then later that year, Ada loses a baby boy at birth - in a very traumatic manner.
Her next diary (1921) alludes to the sadness of losing the baby - and the belief that "E" blames her for the loss.
Later diaries that I have of hers are happier.
I'll probably start up again on January 1st, 2016. Thanks for following, those of you who have been, and see you next year.

December 2, 1919


Marion & I went down town in P.M. May went over to Helen's. Ironed in Eve. May & I sewed in Eve.

December 1, 1919


Washed a little. Marion & I went down town in P.M. Laundry came. Worked hard. May & I sewed in Eve.

November 30, 1919


Marion & I went to church. Fred - May - Marion went to walk in P.M. We all went home in Eve. Had fun.

November 29, 1919

Sat.  Rain

Went down town in Eve. Fred went to B. Falls to B.B. game. 200 went. Springfield won 20 to 18. B Falls rotten.

November 28, 1919

Fri. shirley - May & I went to Movies in Eve. Good. Marion & I & Ma went down town. May took lessons.

November 27, 1919

Thurs.  Thanksgiving.

Everyone over. Turkey [et]? We all went to B.B. game at club with B. Fall[s] Spr [ingfield] won 58 - 19.

November 11 - November 26

All these pages are blank.

November 10, 1919

Mon.  Lovely

Laundry came. Did not do much to-day. Tired. May went to Shirley's in P.M. after school.

November 9, 1919


Coughed a lot in night. May wore new shoes to S.S. Went to walk with Shirley in P.M. Made fudge in Eve.

November 8, 1919

Sat.  Lovely

Worked all day. Cooked in P.M. & ironed parlor curtains. Went down town in Eve. All in. Coughed in Eve.

November 7, 1919


May & I went to Movies in Eve. They were great. Mended in P.M. Washed parlor windows. Tired. May took missed lesson.

November 6, 1919


Mother's Birthday

We went to her "party." Oyster stew. Sewed in Eve. Gave her petticoat & gloves. Good time.