August 27, 1918

This page is blank, as are subsequent pages until September 6. (May's birthday.)
See you then!

August 26, 1918

Mon.  Fine

School began to-day. Ruby King is May's teacher. She liked it very much. In big building now.


August 25, 1918


Ma came over. Fred came on Midnight. Hot as deuce. Made fudge. Went to bed early.

August 24, 1918


Worked hard all day. Rain in Eve. Marion came in Eve. Ma came over. Did not go down town.


August 19,20, 21, 22, & 23

All blank.

August 18, 1918

Sun.  Cold & Fair

Worked hard all day. E. May & I went to Saxtons River & saw Grace & Rayna. Aunt Sarah & Uncle Henry. Had a good time. E's Birthday


August 17, 1918

Sat.  Hot

May went to Chaut. Junior Pageant in P.M. Ma - Pa - Sam & I went. Good. May was a duck & Belgian. May & I went in Eve. Weblin Male quartet.

Aug 16, 1918

Fri  Hot

May went to Chaut. as usual. Kiltie band from Canada. Mother & I went in Eve. It was great. Great speaking. May enjoyed it. E did not work in P.M.

August 15, 1918

Thurs   Hot

Ironed a little. Sick nearly all day. May went to Chaut. She enjoys it. Mother & I went to Movies in Eve. E did not work in P.M.


August 14, 1918

Wed.  Fine  Hot

Picnic breakfast on Monument Hill 2 miles Junior Chaut. May went. Bobby Gill burnt toe cooking May's bacon. Thunder showers.

August 13, 1918

Tues.   Fine  Hot

Chautauqua begins. May went at 9 A.M. Mrs. Dodge - Whitney & May & I webt to Circus at Charlestown. Great. May went to Chautauqua in Eve.


August 12, 1918

Mon  Lovely

Made May's costume for parade. Belgium. Chautauqua parade in Eve. 150 kids entered. Went to school ground with Mother. Lots of fun.

August 11, 1918

Sun   Cold

Stayed home nearly all day. Went home as usual. E collected. Keth . Sheila . May . Bell went with him.


August 10, 1918

Sat. Fine

Worked hard all day. Ma - May & I went down town in Eve. Bought May's Chautauqua ticket of Mrs. Johnson.

August 9, 1918

Fri.  Hot

Cleaned up stairs. Mother - May & I went to Movies in Eve. Charlie Chaplin& Bill Hart. Very good. Fred came over.

August 8, 1918

Thurs.   Hot

Went home. Sewed in P.M. Fred came home in P.M. Qutie a surprise. Went down [sic]


August 5, 6 &7

All blank.

Check back for Aug 8.

August 4, 1918

Sun  Cloudy  cold

Slept all night. Teeth feel a lot better. Went home with May to breakfast. War map looks great. Allies doing great. E collects.


August 3, 1918

Did not got to bed last night. Face ached all night. All in. 2 dresses purple shirt $2 & $3 Birthday. Face all burnt with linament. Did not go out.

Aug 2, 1918

Fri   Hot

Teeth bother something fierce. Cleaned down stairs. Went home. Sewed in P.M. Got a letter from Marion. She wants May & I to come down.