June 27, 1915

May went over to Arthur's for ice cream.
Sunday Rain & Fair

Thunderstorm in A.M. so May did not go to S.S. Sick headache in P.M. Went to bed after dinner. May went home.

June 26, 1915

Saturday Lovely Day

E. went to B.F. with Vail. Went to Ideal in P.M. with May & Mother. Ordered Koveralls [?] for May. Went down town in Eve. with May.

June 25, 1915

May went home to supper
Friday Lovely Day

E. went to Claremont with Dr. Doane. Frank Locke filled 3 teeth in A.M. Went over to Mrs. S. in P.M. Mrs. W. gave me some asters.


June 24, 1915

Saw "As Ye Sow"
Thursday Warmer

E. did not work. Went to B.F. with Dr. Doane. May & I stayed over home to supper. Went to Ideal in Eve. with Mother.

June 23, 1915

Mr. Bartpy [?] treated May & Sheila
Wednesday Cold & Fair

May went over Sheila's to play. Went over to Mrs. S. E. did not work. Still cross. Put on screens. Went down town in Eve. with Mother & May.


June 22, 1915

Tuesday Cold & Fair ####

Sick in A.M. Mrs. W. came in. Mother came over. Went home in P.M. May played with children. Mildred came over. Went to walk with Mrs. W.

Note: A reminder and a note for newcomers. The crosshatch is Ada's code for the first day of her period. She is nearly always sick the first half of the day it arrives.


June 21, 1915

Ma & Pa came over in Eve.
Monday Cooler & Fair

Helped with washing in A.M. May went to Merrick's party. 8 yrs old. Mary invited me over. E. still cross with me. I wish I was only 8 yrs. old.


June 20,1915

I am all discouraged
Sunday Muggy

E. slept until noon, then went out & stayed out all P.M. Don't seem as if I could stand it much longer. Maisie came to play with May.

June 19, 1915

Fred called up from Springfield.
E. is cross at me. I don't know why.
Saturday Muggy & Showers

Mowed lawn in A.M. Made a strawberry shortcake. It was fine. Pa went to work. Mother, May & I went to Ideal. Arthur is sick. Ma & Pa came over in Eve.


A Boob Town - Springfield, VT?

Is this the Alumni Ball? Ernest is mad at Ada for days after the ball. Did he write "A Boob Town" on the back of her photo?
I have another very faded picture of this that I will try to restore.

June 18, 1915

Went to Alumni in Eve. with Ernest
Wore lace dress. Had dandy time.
E. is cross.
Sunday Hot. Showers.
May stayed over home all night.

Went down town in A.M. Bought new pumps, stockins & slip. Went to Opera House in P.M. and helped make sandwiches. Pa came over in A.M.

Note: As you will see "E." stays cross for quite awhile. Did something happen at the Ball to set him off?


June 17, 1915

Saw "The Pit" Commencement Exercises at Opera House Fannie Whitcomb graduates
Thursday Showers & Hot

Grandpa came home sick. Dr. Doane said his stomach was out of order. Better tonight. Mrs. W., Miss Greene May - Arthur & I went to Ideal.

June 16, 1915

Wednesday Very Hot

May played with Sheila in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Muther, May & I went to band concert inEve. Pa came home sick.


June 15, 1915

Winifred Wilcomb's funeral this A.M.
Taken to Lyndonville, Vt.
Tuesday Rainy

Ironed in A.M. May & I went home. Mabel McI. asked me to serve refreshments for Alumni. Made date to Locke for Fri. A.M. at 10:30. Saw Carrie in A.M.

Note: Locke is a dentist.


June 14, 1915

Monday Very hot. Lovely Day.

Helped with washing. Washed both piazzas. E. brought Nellie over to Mother's. Went over to Mrs. W's in P.M. Went home with May in Eve.

June 13, 1915

We went home in Eve.
Mattie 7 Ray came over.
Sunday Lovely Day

Winifred Wilcomb died last eve. 6 yrs. May went to S.S. also to ride with the Wheelers. E. went with Smith. Fred went to Boston. Miss Greene came in Eve.

June 12, 1915

Winifred Wilcomb is very low.
Mary Bingham came over.
Saturday Warmer
Mary came in P.M.

May went over to Helen's in A.M. and went in P.M. to picnic. E. went fishing. Got 4. Hose came. Fred came in P.M. Mrs. W. came. Ma & Pa came over.


June 11, 1915

May & I went home in Eve.
E. not working
Friday Warmer

Winifred W. no better. Stearn's men are at mother's to work. Went down town with May. she got a green balloon. Balloon day at Movies.

June 10, 1915

Howard Finn's birthday
Saw "The Dollar Mark"
Thursday Cold

E. did not work in P.M. cleaned cellar. Helen & May played together after school. Winifred Wilcomb very sick. Went to Ideal in Eve.

June 9, 1915

Wednesday Cooler

May went to play with Mary bingham and down town with grandma. Mrs. W. came over in P.M. Ma & Pa came.

June 8, 1915

Strike is over
Tuesday Cooler & Fair

Worked in A.M. very hard. Mended in P.M. May played hard all day. Mother & Pa came in Eve. Mrs. W. came in P.M.


June 7, 1915

Strike still on.
Monday Sultry & Hot

Helped with washing in A.M. Went autoing in P.M. with Mary & Mrs. W, to Perkinsville. May stayed with Mother. Ma & Pa came in Eve.

June 6, 1915

We had "rabbit" with the Whitneys & Miss Greene
Sunday Hot

May went to S.S. wore new white shoes. Took off her underdrawers. She took dinner with Helen. mother came over in P.M. Helen & Arthur came over.


May Illingworth c 1914

May Illingworth c 1914
Originally uploaded by dlundbech

June 5, 1915

Met Gerald Welch. May & Mother went also.
Bought May white shoes.
Saturday Hot & Fair
Went downtown in Eve.
Polander strike at Foundry

May went autoing in A.M. with Wheelers. Cooked in A.M. Went to Bellows Falls in P.M. with Herricks. Bought May new dress. Had lovely time.

June 4, 1915

Friday Warmer

May scratched arm. Made her sick. Played with Helen after school. Went to Ideal with Mother & May. Ernest played cards.

June 3, 1915

Saw "The Wishing Ring"
Thursday Cool & Fair

Ironed in A.M. May played with kids. Went over to Mary's in P.M. Went to Ideal in Eve. with Mother. Ernest sprouted potatoes.

June 2.1915

Wednesday Lovely Day

Arthur hurt his arm. May played with him all day nearly. Ironed in A.M. Mary came over.Went down town in P.M. with May. Mother came over.


June 1, 1915

Tuesday Hot as blitzen

Ironed parlor curtains. Ernest don't feel good. May played with the kids in A.M. Mrs. Crawford has daughter. Mother came over in P.M. Went home in Eve.

May 31, 1915

Helped with washing Hot.
Monday Lovely Day
Celebration to-day. Two ball games Springfield vs Newport. Newport won & Springfield vs Claremont. Spr. won. May went with Floyd & Mildred. I went to Doane's and waited.

Note: I think Doane's was a store in town and Ada is being dryly funny.

May 30, 1915

Ernest is cross.
I don't feel very good.
Sunday Lovely & Cold
Memorial Services at Congo Church
May went to Sunday School and home to dinner. Was sick in P.M. All right at night. Went over to Mrs. S. in P.M. & home to supper.