March 29, 1915

Grandmother Halkard's birthday
Monday                    Cold & Windy

Helped with washing in A.M. May and I went down town in P.M. May stayed over home to supper. Russel Robinson has pneumonia.

Note: Grandmother Halkard was Ada's mother's mother. Her name was Maryann (Wolfenden) Halkard born March 29, 1823 in England, died November 28, 1885. She and her husband are buried in the Perkinsville Cemetery off Stoughton Pond Road in Perkinsville,Vermont.

March 28, 1915

Tuesday          Cold

Fred came over in A.M. May went to Sunday school and over home to dinner. E. & I went over in eve. May found bunnys and chicks on the piazza.


March 27, 1915

Saturday                Cold. Windy

Allan Marshall lost. Found at noon. Went to Ideal with May and Mother. May went over to dinner and supper. Went over home in eve. Mother and Fred trimmed us. Awfully cold.

March 26,1915

Friday                Cold & Windy

Took May to barbers in A.M. Made doughnuts and cake in P.M. Mrs. Smith came in A.M and Nellie in P.M. E. gone to George Whitneys. cards.

March 25,1915

Mr. Cain brought potatoes
Thursday              Lovely Day

Mary has gone to Springfield. Ironed in A.M. Went to Ideal in P.M. with Mother and May. May stayed to dinner and supper over home.

Note: Springfield, MA.?

March 24,1915

Ernest took Nellie to Mrs. Scotts
Wednesday                   Lovely Spring Day

May played with Sheila in A.M. Grandma came over in P.M. and also Mary. Fred came home in P.M. Went down town in eve.

March 23,1915

Tuesday          Warmer

Cleaned pantry. May played with Sheila in A.M. "The Wolf" at Opera House. Went home in eve. Mr. Baker moved into Brookline. Embroidered on table mat.


March 22, 1915

"Paid in Full"   Three nights
Monday                 Cloudy

Helped with washing. Very tired. Mary came over in P.M. Went home with May. Mr. Perry's lecture at Ideal and Gladys Klark Stock Co. at Opera [?] House.

Note: "Paid in Full appears" to be a play. There seems to be entertainment every night - perhaps that was a month of March thing. Hard to imagine that Springfield had an Opera House but it looks like that's what Ada has written on this and other pages.

March 21, 1915

Sunday             Colder

May went to Sunday School and over home to dinner. Mrs. S. & Lura returned from N.Y. Went home in eve. E. has headache.

March 20, 1915

Saturday        Warmer

May played in A.M. with children. Had sick headache in P.M. Grandma & Grandpa came in eve. E. went out. Better in eve.

March 19, 1915

The "Dunbars" are tonight.
Mary Leland Laurence has appendicitis
Friday                  Fair         Windy

May played with Sheila & Mildred all A.M. Cooked in A.M. Went down town in P.M. with May. Went home in eve. E. went out.

March 18, 1915

Thursday            Cold & Windy

May went home to dinner. Fred went to Boston. Sent an order to R.H. White for $12.28. Going some. Went home in P.M. Went over to Mary's.

Note: Not sure what "going some" means. Maybe "good for me"?


March 17, 1915

Mrs. Smith & Lura went to N.Y.
Wednesday                    Colder

Mary came over. May, Mother & I went to Ideal in P.M. Fred came over. Mended in eve. Mays cold also E. are better.


March 16, 1915

Tuesday         Warmer

May went home to dinner. Mary came over. Went home in P.M. & took mending. Mother & I went to Ideal in evening.

March 15, 1915

Monday                  Windy  Lovely Day

Helped with washing. May stayed over home to dinner. Went over in P.M. & sewed. E. and May both better. Taught May her piece.


March 14, 1915

Sunday            Warmer

Went to Sunday School with May. Enjoyed it very much. She got a piece [to recite] for Easter. Went home to dinner. Fred came in P.M.

March 13, 1915

Saturday            Warmer

May's cold is better. Went home in P.M. Ernest's cold is bad. he did not work. Went to bed early with May.

March 12, 1915

Friday        Cold

Stayed in all day. Up all night with May. Her cold is worst. (sic) Mother came over in P.M. Ernest has a cold.


March 11, 1915

Thursday             Cold. Wind

Sick in A.M. May has a cold. Went to Ideal in P.M. with mother and May. Was awake most of last night with May.              

Vermont Basketball Team 1905/06

"E." (Ernest Illingworth) is pictured in the back on the left. This was the year (1905) that Ernest and Ada married - on Christmas Eve. 
If I was being correct instead of quirky, this would be the Diary of Ada May Illingworth but I have a fondness for maiden names so she has remained a Grimshaw.
Click on the picture and you can view this large on my Flickr stream.

March 10, 1915

May has a little cold. We went home in P.M. Fred came home on the 8.00. Brought May puzzles and paints. Went over to Mary's. Fred had a lovely time in Prov.

Note: A reminder that Fred is her brother and travels for business. He is in his twenties. It seems that this was a business trip although both Ada's parents appear to have had connections in Providence, so perhaps he was visiting too. The Grimshaw /Halkard album has quite a lot of unknown people photographed in Providence studios.


March 9, 1915

Tuesday                       Cold & Windy

May and Sheila played in A.M. Mattie here for a day. Mary came over. May & I went home in P.M. Mother & I went to Ideal in Eve.

March 8, 1915

Monday           Colder

Went home & helped with washing. Embroidered in P.M. May played out doors in A.M. May got a letter from Fred. E. went out. 


March 7, 1915

Sunday           Warm like Spring

May went to Sunday School and over home to dinner. Grandpa came in P.M. Read "Amazing Grace". Rev. Arthur P. Kelley missing.

March 6, 1915

Saturday             Warm

Merrick played with May in A.M. May & I went to Ideal & Florence's.Went home in Eve. Mary cameover. Fred is in Prov. E. bought me a baking dish.

Note: So much for the March 4 decision about May and the movies.


March 5, 1915

Friday          Warm

May played in A.M. with Sheila & Mildred. Took her to Dr. Doane about kidneys. A little acid in urine. She thinks it grand to take medicine. First time. Went home in Eve.


March 4, 1915

Thursday         Warmer

May, mother & I went to Ideal in P.M. Do not think it helps May any. Will not go for awhile. We went home in eve. Mr. Morse better.

Note: 1915 and the beginning of worries about the media affecting the child!

March 3, 1915

Mr. Morse very low
Wednesday                    Windy & Cold

Terrible cold wind all day. Mary came over. Mother came over in P.M. may & I went home in P.M. Nellie brought May prune whip. 

March 2, 1915

Town Meeting Day
Fred is in Boston
Tuesday                  Windy and Cold

Town went "no license." Ironed. Mary came over. Went to Ideal in P.M. with Mother & May. Went home in Eve. Mary Bingham has chicken pox.

Note: "No license" meant no alcohol could be sold in town.

March 1, 1915

March comes in like a lion
Monday                     Windy & Cold

Began to take 1 pt milk of Gill. May & I went home in P.M. Only 5 agents came here today. Washed in A.M. over home. Sewed in P.M.

Note: I don't know what Ada means by "milk of Gill" or "5 agents"