September 8, 1919


School began. May is in 6A. Miss White. Out early this P.M. Shirley & May went to Movies. Ma went down town in A.M.

September 7, 1919


Seems good to have Ma better. Went home. May went to S.S. Went to walk with Josephine in P.M. E - May & I went in Eve.

September 6, 1919


May's birthday. 10 yrs. Had party. 19 girls here. Lovely presents. Rain cape from Gram and money from Gramp. Sam came home.

September 5, 1919


Doanes invited May & I to go to Fair with them. Lovely time. Saw Mrs. - Dr. Morse & Clyde Perkins. Aviator did stunts. Tired.

September 4, 1919


Lovely. May & I went to Fair. Saw airplane. Had lovely time. Saw Doanes & Dodges. Went round to-gether. Saw Frank & Edna Bailey. Tired.

September 3, 1919

Wed. Fair postponed.

Rain. Cleared toward night. Ironed as usual. May & I went to Movies with Shirley. Hope is pleasant tomorrow. [sic]

September 2, 1919


First day of Fair. Rained all day. Ironed and cooked. Mother is much better. The new medicine is fine. Thank the Lord.

September 1, 1919


May went to Helen Perry' [sic] party in P.M. Gave her some stationary. E. worked all day. Saw the airplane when it came.

August 31, 1919


Sam went to Athole in P.M. Mother read on piazza in P.M. Is lots better. Pa is all in. Eliz is an old stink.

August 30, 1919


Cleaned up stairs. It was a mess. Went down town in Eve with May. Bought Ma some fruit. Rained of course.