January 23, 1918

Wed. Fine

Fred went at 3-20 in P.M. Went down town in P.M. with Marion. Fred came back about 9 in Eve. Missed connections. Waited in Charlstown depot.

January 22, 1918

Tues. Fine

Washed a little in A.M. Fred came over to dinner. Ma & Pa came over. Went down town in P.M. All in. May got on honor roll.

January 21, 1918

Mon. Cold & Lovely

Cleaned up stairs. Roof leaked in Marrons roof [?] and in kitchen. E. chopped ice from roof at noon & Eve. Pa & Fred came over. Ma went out. Went home.


January 20, 1918

Sun. Cold

May wore new shoes. Went to S.S. Fred over to breakfast & dinner & supper. E. & he acted like nuts all day. MAde fudge. A & P burned in Eve. Saw search lights.

January 19, 1918

Sat. Lovely Warmer

Fred came over to breakfast & dinner & supper. Fixed parlor lights. Ma & I went down town in Eve & P.M. May went to Movies in P.M. Colder in Eve.

January 18, 1918

Fri. Cold

Shops closed for 5 days. School one session indefinitely. Glad. May is tickled. worked hard all day. Fred came on midnight. Ma & Pa came.

January 17, 1918

Thurs. Lovely

Stop industries for 5 days also make Monday holiday for 10 weeks on acct. of coal shortage. Ironed in eve. Ma & Pa came. Went home in Eve. May is terribly tired.


January 16, 1918

Wed. Beautiful but cold

Ma came over in A.M. May went to school as usual. Went to committee meeting at Mrs. LaFountaine's in P.M. Ma & I went down town in Eve. Bought shoes & tablecloth.

January 15, 1918

Tues. Terrible snow storm

School did not keep in P.M. Glad. snowed about 1 1/2 ft. Fixed pillow slips in P.M. Pa came over. Marion tended the boil all P.M.

January 14, 1918

Mon. Cold

Marion got here at 3-30 this A.M. Looks bad. Been sick. School began. May was glad to go. Ma & I went down town in P.M. Pa came over in Eve. Marion has a boil.


January 13, 1918

Sun. Colder

May wore new brown & plaid dress. Feels pretty fine. Looks good. Went down town for Grandpa [sic] paper. Pa & Ma came over. went home in P.M. Miss R. is coming in at midnight. Finished sweater for Red Cross.

January 12, 1918

Sat. Snow in A.M. Thawing in P.M.

May took music lesson in P.M. Pa came over in P.M. & smoked. May went over to Helen's & played. Tired. Worked hard all day. Baths tonight.

January 11, 1918

Fri. Warm & Nice

Coal came from Charlestown at noon. Pa came over. Ma . May & I went to A&P & got sugar in A.M. Ma & I went to Dodges Concert in Eve. Good.

January 10, 1918

Thurs. Warmer

May played out in P.M. Mother is feeling fine. May & I went to movies in Eve. Bum. PA came over in P.M. & A.M.

January 9, 1918

Wed. Warmer

May played out doors nearly all day. Mother & I went down town in P.M. Got sugar at Handy & Browns. went home after wards. May very tired.


January 8, 1918

Tues. Snow Warmer

Went home in A.M. Ironed in A.M. May. Mother & I went down town in P.M. Paid Wilcomb $2.50 for umbrella. E. got seats for White concert. $26.17

Note: I can't imagine what this concert could have been. That seems like a huge sum of money for those days!

January 7, 1918

Mon. Snow & Rain & hail

Washed a little in A.M. Went home in A.M. with May. Sewed on May's brown dress in P.M. & Eve. Pa came over in P.M. & Eve. Tired.


January 6, 1918

Sun. Cold

May & I went home in A.M. & knit. Mother & I went for a walk in P.M. It was lovely. Pa came over in Eve. E. went down town in Eve.

January 5, 1918

Sat. Cold & Windy

Went home in A.M. Pa came over in P.M. & Eve. E. came home cross. Wish I could enlist. You bet I would go. May & I went down town in Eve for bread.


January 4, 1918

Fri Cold & windy

Laundry has not come yet. May & I went home in A.M. Down town in P.M. Pa came over in Eve. 200 lbs. coal came. Went down town in Eve. Fixed Ma[?]
Russell Stiles went to Brattleboro Insane Asylum.


January 3, 1918

Thurs. 36 below zero

Expect coal from Charlestown. Went home in A.M. May went to movies in P.M. Went home & sewed. Pa came over in Eve. Cold water stuck. Thawed it out.

January 2, 1918

Wed. 40 degrees below zero

Went home in A.M. with May. May & I went down town in P.M. and put her money in bank. Went home in P.M. Pa came over in eve. All in.

January 1, 1918

Tues. Not as cold but cold

We can have coal. Good. Only 200lbs. Satisfied. More later. May went up to Shirley's. Went home in P.M. and sewed & knit. E. did not work in P.M.

December 31, 1917


Paid Pa $40. Cold again. 35 below zero. Glad May doesn't go to school. Ma May & I went down town in P.M. Ma both a silver teapot at Stiles.

December 30, 1917

Sun. coldest A.M. we have had in yrs. 35 below zero. We have kept warm. May & I went home in P.M. Pa came over. Played India.

December 29, 1917

Sat. cold as deuce

We hugged stove all day. Hot water stuck. MA came over. Thawed it out. Wound it with paper in P.M. Cleaned up stairs.

December 28, 1917

Cold Terrible

Did not get up until 10. May & I slept fine. May went down town. Terrible cold. Our coal is getting low. Government takes railroads.

December 27, 1917

Thurs. Cold

Ironed in a.M. Went home. Ma & Pa came over.Mended in P.M. Helen & Ruth came over. May went to Helen's.

December 26, 1917

Wed. Lovely Cold

Fred & Marion went to Orange at noon. All in. Didn't we all get lots of presents. Cora & Bill & June are here. Saw Bill & June. MA & I went down town. May stayed with Grandpa.

December 25, 1917

Thurs. Cloudy Merry Xmas

Sent the last of the Xmas packages yesterday. Thank goodness. Had a grand time over home Turkey dinner. May had tree. she was happy. Marion stayed. Got dishes. Silk dress. May got wrist watch. Ma got two chairs.

December 24, 1917

Cold Mon. ###

Marion & I went to Xmas concert in A.M. yesterday. Had it today to save fuel. May spoke first yesterday. Fred & Ma & Pa came over. Knit.

December 23, 1917

Sun. Looks like rain.

Fred came home Ma & I went down town yesterday. in P.M. Got 2 lbs. of sugar at Stearrns & Handys. Marion got Ma some. Shopped in Eve yesterday. Tired.

Note: Looks like Ada messed up on these days and has gone back and written "yesterday"

December 22, 1917

Cold Sat.

May spoke at school yesterday. Went to rehearsal at church after school yesterday. Mother & I went down town in P.M. yesterday. Class to us.

December 21, 1917

Cold Friday

Crocheted on Mother's jacket. Last day of school. Pa came in. Ma came over. Ma & I went down town in P.M. Marion & I went down town in Eve.


December 20, 1917

Thurs. Cold

Seems grand to have Mother home. She & I went down town in P.M. Went in Stiles. Mother bought berry spoon for Marion. Met May.

December 19, 1917

Wed. Cold

Ironed in A.M. Went down town in P.M. Met May after school. Mother came at 9 in Eve. Oyster stew for her.

December 18, 1917

Tues. Cold

Lester Stiles closed up. Went home and swept house. Made pie. Went down town in P.M. Went to meet Ma in eve. Did not come.

December 17, 1917

Mon. Lovely

Marion is better. May brought home an excellent report card. Glad. She & Grandpa went down town. Mr. Hoisington buried. Got letter from Ma.

December 16, 1917

Sun. Lovely

Marion has terrible cold. Doane came up in Eve. Pa came over in P.M. took Sam's breakfast over to him. Worked all day. Did not change dress.

Note: Doane is a Doctor. While Ada's mother is away on an extended visit, Ada is helping out with everything at that house too, including laundry and housework for Pa and taking over breakfast for her mother's brother, Sam.
I guess not changing her dress is an indication of how busy she is - since she apparently changed after her work was done on most days.

December 15, 1917

Sat. Lovely & Cold

Marion, May & I went to Claremont at 11:40 home at 7. Had a good time. Had tow Westerns. They were good. E. had a nice hot oyster stew waiting for us.

December 14, 1917

Fri. Cold & Windy

Snow is terrible deep. May wore leggings to school. Ironed in A.M. Went home. Got letter from Ma. Sewed and knit. Pa came in. Early to bed.

December 13, 1917

Thurs. Cold Snow in Eve

May & I went to "Runaways." Very good. Cold there. Went home. Pa came over. Sewed in P.M. Snow deep when we came home. Tired.