August 31, 1917

Fri. Lovely

Went to walk after breakfast. Went on beach until noon. We went to Gloucester in P.M. Bought May's dress at Browns. Went to walk in Eve.

August 30, 1917

Thurs Rained in P.M.

Played on beach in A.M. until noon. Went up to Bare Skin Neck with our knitting. Rained. Came home. Knit in Eve.

Note: Could that really be "Bare" Skin Neck?


August 29, 1917

Wed. Hot

May played all A.M. on beach. Cough is better. Mother - May & I went to Headlands in A.M. Called on Dr. Phillip at Pigeon Cove.


August 28, 1917

Tues. Hot

May coughed very little. She played on beach in A.M. I knitted. Went to Gloucester in P.M. Wrote cards & walked in Eve.

August 27, 1917

Mon. Lovely

Mother - May & I started for Rockport at 7 in A.M. Saw Lucien Trombley in street. Got in Rockport about 4. Tired.

August 26, 1917

Sun Lovely

Packed trunk. Ma & Pa came over. Ironed in A.M. Put up lunch. May & I went to bed early. Fern called.

August 25, 1917

Fine Day

Cooked in A.M. butter .45 Eggs .45 E. mowed lawn. May is better. Ironed in P.M. Got hat. Did not go down town.

August 24, 1917

Fri Rain in A.M. & P.M. Fair & Hot in P.M.

Ironed in A.M. & P.M. Washed & cooked in P.M. May is better. Ma & Pa came over. Fred Davis is not going to get well. Tired. Sewed in Eve.

August 23, 1917

Thurs Cloudy & Hot

Ironed in A.M. & P.M. Cleaned up stairs. Marion Roberts telephoned she'd take room. May is very much better. Hurrah.

August 22, 1917

Wed. Lovely & Hot.

Ironed in A.M. Sewed in P.M. May is better. Does not cough so much. Mother bought up dresses for May. Ann came over.

August 21, 1917

Tues. Lovely

Laundry came. Fern moved up to his new home. Paid room rent. Washed a little. Went home. May went to Perkinsville with Smiths. May took music lesson. Paid.

August 20, 1917

Mon. Lovely

May only coughed two or three times. Washed a little. H&S sale. Bought green suit.$10. Terrible accident at crossing. Mrs. E. Perkins killed.

August 19, 1917

Sun. Lovely

May did not cough as much as usual. May went home to dinner. Fixed May's coat. Head-ache in P.M. Went home in Eve.

August 18, 1917

Sat. Lovely

Cleaned dining room & parlor. cooked. Butter - .45 Eggs - .45. May & I took baths in P.M. Mr & Mrs. Fleming called. Went down town.

August 17, 1917

Fri. Rain

Ironed in A.M. May coughed pretty hard in night. Ironed in P.M. All in. Sewed in P.M.

August 16, 1917

Thurs. Hot

Cleaned den. May better. Olive stopped in P.M. Mother came over. Bennington day. E. did not work.


August 15, 1917

Wed. Rain

Laundry came. Fixed waist out of silk shirt. Went to Ideal in Eve. with Ma & Pa. Saw Olive & Clarence. Good.

August 14, 1917

Tues. Cloudy

May coughed quite a bit. Slept late. Took music lesson. Paid. Went to Mrs. Smith in P.M. Finished May's dress in Eve.

August 13, 1917

Mon. Hot.

May's cough is better. Hurrah! She slept until 10 min of 1 in a.M. Washed a little. Embroidered in P.M. Went home. Mother came over.

August 12, 1917

Sun. Lovely & Hot

May coughed all night again. Had Dr in Eve. Bronchitis. Fred went to Syracuse in P.M. Mother came over. E. went down town.

August 11, 1917

Sat. Hot. Paid machine

Eggs .45. butter .45. Fred came home. Quite a surprise. Better today. May's cough is no better. New sweater came. also mothers. Went down town in Eve.

August 10, 1917

Fri. Cloudy but no rain ###

Sick all day. May coughed all night. Stayed on couch nearly all day. E. got medicine for May. Went to bed early.

August 9, 1917

Thurs. Hot day

Ironed in A.M. Went home. Slept late. May coughed hard. May played out quite a lot. Went to walk with E.

August 8, 1917

Wed. Cooler

Ironed in A.M. May did not cough as much last night. Went to Ideal in P.M. Ethel Barrymore. Great. Ma & Pa went in Eve.

August 7, 1917

Tues. Cooler & Fair

Laundry came. Went home. May coughed hard in night. Mother & I went to Ideal in Eve. May & I knit & sewed all P.M.

August 6, 1917

Mon. Hot as usual

May has a terrible cough. Washed a little. Decided not to go to Rockport. Bought knitting needles & yarn for E's sweater. Started it. Lura & Dan Campbell called in Eve.

August 5, 2011

Sun. Cooler & fine

Went home with May to dinner. Ernest came home from Wells Beach. Brought home a big cod and 12 lobsters. May - Mother & I went to walk.


August 4, 1917

Sat. Lovely & Cool

Cooked in A.M. and cleaned up stairs. Mr. Quimby passed in draft exam. May got card from E. May & I went down town in Eve.

August 3, 1917

Fine Cooler

Ironed in A.M. Went home. Mended in P.M. Got a lovely sweater for my birthday. Mother - May & I went to Ideal. Mowed lawn in Eve.

August 2, 1917

Thurs. Hot as usual

Terrible thunder shower in P.M. Pa . Ma & May & I went to Ideal in P.M. Shower over when we came out. Letter from Ernest. Ironed in A.M. Nearly melted.

August 1, 1917

Wed, Still terrible hot

Made 11 jars of currant jelly. Laundry came. Almost sick with heat. May stayed around home all day. May Mother & I went down town in Eve.

July 31, 1917

Tues. something terrible {heat I assume}

Mended in A.M. So hot can't do anything. Got letter from Ernest. Went to Windsor in Eve. with Mother & May - Doane's & Smiths. Marion Cutler at Mothers.

July 30, 1917

Monday Hot as pepper

Cleaned up stairs in A.M. The heat is something terrible. Pa came over also Ma. Embroidered in P.M. Went home in Eve. Went down town with Mother & May. Dr. Rue's mist[?]rel here.

Note: Possibly "minstrel" as in a traveling show?

July 29, 1917

Cooler & lovely

Begin quite a lovely day. May & I kind of lonesome. Stayed over home most of the time. Picked currants. Mother, May & I went to walk in Eve. Tired.

July 28, 1917

Sat. Hot & lovely

E worked in A.M. Started for Wells, Me at 12:30 with Lock& Whitney for a week in car. Paid machine. Met Miss Limenueau. Went down town in Eve.

July 27, 1917

Fri. Fine day. Hot.

Washed blanket. Finished ironing, pressed E clothes, mowed lawn in P.M. Helen & Ruth came over to play. Went to walk.

July 26. 1917

Thurs. Hot

Ironed in A.M. Cleaned up stairs. Went to machine dements. at Furniture store. Mrs. Walter Alleus sister got machine. Went to Ideal with Ma.

July 25, 1917

Wed. Fine

Ironed in A.M. May picked currants & played tennis at court. Went to Ideal in P.M. with Mother & May. Went down town in Eve.

July 24, 1917

Tues. Fine

Made 8 jars of currant jelly. Went to Ideal in P.M. with Mother & May. May played all day. Took first music lesson.


July 23, 1917

Mon. Hot as Pepper

Washed a little in A.M. Mother came over in P.M. Sewed in P.M. Fred's red ink[?] no is 1645-9107 no drawn. Went to walk in Eve.

Note: Is this Fred's draft number?

July 22, 1917

Sun. Lovely Fern did not pay rent

May went to S.S. No more S.S. this week. Ma & Pa came over. Went to walk in Eve with Ma & May. Visited with E. & Fern in Eve.

July 21, 1917

Sat. Hot

Draft today. Lots of people I know drafted. Terrible.Worked nearly all day. Mother - May & I went down town in Eve. Mays shoes came.

July 20, 1917

Fri Hot as blitzen

Finished ironing. Cleaned upstairs. May knitting needles and yarn came. She went to Helen's with knitting. Went home.

July 19, 1917

Thurs. Hot Showers in P.M.

Ironed in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Mother came over & Pa. Pa. Ma May & I went to Ideal in Eve. Charley Chaplin. May liked it.

July 18, 1917

Hot Showers in Eve

Cleaned all up stairs in A.M. Sewed in P.M. May took flowers to flower show in A.M. Mother May & I went down town in Eve.


July 17, 1917

Tues. Hot

Cleared shed in A.M. Looks fine. Went to Smiths last Eve. Ma & Pa & I took walk in Eve. Suicide at Hillside Inn. Stores closed.

July 16, 1917

Mon. Hot as dickens

Washed a little in A.M. Mother & Pa came over. Heard Lizzie L. & Constantine was married. Sam went on vacation.

July 15, 1917

Sun. Muggy & Fair

Sick in A.M. Read in P.M. May did not go to S.S. Mr. Herbert stayed with Fern last night. May feels bad because Maude is gone.

July 14, 1917

Sat. Rain in A.M.

Sick all day. Maude went home at noon. E & May went to car with them. Maude gave May $1. Mother & I are all in. Early to bed.

July 13, 1917

Fri. Hot as pepper ####

Ironed in A.M. Maude over all day. Went down town. Took pictures in P.M. The Herricks took Maude & Ma & I to No. Charlestown to Band concert.

July 12, 1917

Thurs. Fine

Went home. Maude came. Went to walk in P.M. with Maude & Maud. [?] Went to Band concert & auto ride with Nell Herrick.

July 11, 1917

Wed Fine & Rain

Clothes came. Maude over to dinner & supper. Went to Ideal in Eve with Mother & May . Maude. Ma & Pa over in Eve.