January 30, 1916

Sunday Cold & Cloudy

Pa stopped in A.M. Went home in Eve. with May. Mother does not feel as well. Dr. Doane is coming.


January 29, 1916

Sat. Pleasant

Very tired. Worked all day. Took suit back and brought up dress. Ma & Pa & May are better. Went down town in Eve. and home.

January 28, 1916

Fri. Pleasant

Went down town in A.M. Went to Silver Tea at church. Helped serve. In Eve. went to Margaret Ellison's linen shower at Fannie Stearns. Pa is better. & May.

January 27, 1916

Thursday Fair & Cold ###

Went home in P.M. Pa is better. Mother don't feel well. Went to Ideal in P.M. with Miss G.& Lucy. Played Old Maid in Eve. with May.

January 26, 1916

Wed. Pleasant & Cool

Went home in A.M. Worked all day. Pa came home with sore throat. Mother came over in P.M. Brought up suits. May is better.

January 25, 1916

Tues. Beautiful & Warm

Swept upstairs in A.M. May had earache last night. Coughed terribly in night. Seems better today. Teeth are coming. Bother her. Grandpa has cold. Went home. Fanny S. and Mary came in.


January 24, 1916

Mon. Cool & Beautiful

May is better. Washed a little. Lucy May & Sheila came in. School closed for a week on acct of diptheria. No Sunday School for awhile. Grandpa came.

January 23, 1916

Sun. Cooler & Lovely

May had croup and sick all last night. Called Dr. D. in night. She has larygystis [?] Grandpa came in. Better today. Went home in Eve. Mary & Lucy came in.

January 22, 1916

Sat. Warm & Beautiful

May's little friend Florrie Moore died of diptheria. No new cases. Made cake for Congo. Food sale. Went home in P.M. Went down town in eve. May sick in eve.


January 21, 1916

Fri. Very warm and Pleasant

Ironed in A.M. Worked nearly all day. E.'s forehead is all blistered. He feels better. May played out doors. Mary & Lucy came over.

January 20, 1916

Jimmy Murphy very low. Pneumonia
Thursday Snow in P.M.

E. came home with headache. Sick all P.M. Went to Dr. and got medicine for him. May & I went home in eve. Went to Ideal with Miss G.

January 19, 1916

Wed Cold & Fair

May & Sheila played all A.M. Headache in P.M. Mr. B. stopped at noon. Two more cases of diptheria. May and I went home in Eve. Fred came at 4 and went to N.Y. at 6.


January 18, 1916

Tues. Cold & Fair Went to Mrs. Doane's

Sewed in A.M. Diptheria in town. Florrie Moore from May's grade. Keeping May home until it is broken up. Went to Musicale at J.T. Slack's with E. in Eve. Very swell.

January 17, 1916

Mon. Cold & Fair

Went home in A.M. May went to school. She went home in P.M. Went down town in P.M. Bought blue silk to fix lace dress. Miss G. came over in Eve.


January 16, 1916

Warmer & Lovely Sunday

May went home to dinner. Worked all A.M. Went to Mary's is A.M. Mr. & Mrs B. came over in P.M. and stayed to lunch. Used new lunch set Mother made.

January 15, 1916

Sat Snow

Cooked in A.M. and worked all day. May played all day. Shirley came up in A.M. Went home in Eve and down town. Fred is in Newport, R.I.

January 14, 1916

Fri Cold & Pleasant

May went to school. Home in P.M. Went up to Slack's with Mrs. B. Went shopping. Went to Houghton's fashion show.Evening gowns. Co. K ball.

January 13, 1916

Thurs Icy - Rainy

May fell down several times going to school. Did not get hurt. Went down town in A.M. May & I went home in P.M. Sewed on sofa pillow in Eve. Raining in Eve.

January 12, 1916

Wed. Cloudy Rainy

Went over to Mary's. May went over home to dinner & stayed all P.M. Went to Ideal with Lucy. Went to "Mother's club with Mary at Mrs. Casey's. E. stayed with May.


January 11, 1916

Tues. Beautiful

Washed in A.M. Went home in A.M. May goes to school in A.M. his week. May & I went down town & called over to Mary's. May looks cute in her serge dress.


January 10, 1916

Mon. Snow

May did not go school on acct of storm. Went home in P.M. Sam got through at hotel. Was over home. Mended in eve. Fixed May's serge dress.

Note: Sam is Ada's uncle - her mother's brother. I'm not sure what it was but I think something is "not right" with him. Maybe simple or perhaps eccentric? There are just hints that something is off. He lived with his sister until he died (many years later.)

January 9, 1916

Sunday Cold & fair

May went home to dinner. Mr. B. came & spent P.M. Walter Bliss called. may & I went home in Eve. Coldest day we have had. 14 below zero.

January 8, 1916

Sat. Coldest yet

May did not go out until P.M. Cooked in A.M. Worked all day. May went home in Eve. Went down town in Eve. May's serge dress came. Very pretty.


January 7, 1916

Friday Very cold & Lovely

Snowed in A.M. Mother came over in P. M. Went to Mrs. Baker's to committee meeting "Ever Onward" in P.M with Mary. May went home. In eve to Ideal with Miss G.


January 6, 1916

Thurs. Cold

Swept upstairs in A.M. Home in P.M. May went to school. Went to "Dodge's" Pharmacy concert. "The American Girls" with Miss G. Not so good.

Note: Dodge's was in Springfield. Did they sponsor the concert? Or was it a concert of people who worked there? Puzzling.

January 5, 1916

Wed. Colder

Went over to Lucy's in A.M Mother's cold is better. Cooked in A.M. Worked nearly all day. Sheila & May played in A.M. Mended in Eve.


January 4, 1916

Tuesday Warm

Spelling Match at church. Did not go. Mrs. B. is sick. Mary came over. Went down town in P.M. May & I went home in P.M. Ernest to Lodge.


January 3, 1916


School began. May glad to go. Florrie came home with her. Only goes P.M. this week. We went home in P.M. Ironed in Eve.


January 2, 1916

Sunday Snowed nearly all day.

Feel better. May went home to dinner. Did not go out until Eve. All went home to supper.

January 1, 1916

Sat. Lura went to N.Y.

Snowed a little. E. late. Lots of mail. Did not work in P.M. Headache all day. Fierce in Eve. Went home. Sick all night. Cooked in A.M.

Ada Grimshaw

Ada Grimshaw
Originally uploaded by dlundbech
Ada May Grimshaw (in the middle) picnics with two friends in Perkinsville or Springfield, Vermont abt 1900.