September 25, 1917

Tues. Fine

Laundry came. Sent it back. Ma & Pa came over. Lura came over. Got pictures from Maude. Great. Knit in Eve.

September 24, 1917

Mon. Cold as Iceland

Washed a little in A.M. May is getting along fine. Went home in Eve. and knit. May went to bed early. Miss R. went out.


September 23, 1917

Sun. Lovely

Went to Episcopal church with Miss R. in A.M. May . she & I went to walk in P.M. Ma came over in Eve. Played piano.


September 22, 1917

Sat. Lovely Warmer

May went to Matinee in P.M. Grand. Worked all day nearly.Ma came in Eve. Ma- May & I went to Ideal in Eve.


September 21, 1917

Fri. Cold & Fair

Cleaned upstairs in A.M. Ironed in P.M. Went to Ideal with mother & Miss R. in Eve. May stayed with E. Miss R. has a boil on arm.

Note: Sometimes things should be left unrecorded!


September 20, 1917

Thurs. Cold & Fair

Ironed again. Will I ever get it done. Mrs. Auber came in Eve. Miss R. went out. May is a whole lot better.


September 19, 1917

Wed. Fine

Ironed again. May slept fine. Miss R. came in Eve. and knit. Ma & Pa came over. Went down town in P.M.


September 18, 1917

Tues. Lovely

Ironed in A.M. Washed a little. Mopped shed. Looks fine. Miss R. came down in Eve. May's cough is better.

September 17, 1917

Mon. fine

May did not go to school in A.M. Went in P.M. Hoyt's Revue here all week. Miss R. Mother & I went in Eve. Very good. Laundry came. May went to Shirley's.

September 16, 1917

Sun. Ovely

Got along fine with meals. May is better. E. & May picked plums. Ma & Pa came over in Eve. Miss Flavin came in Eve. Sang in Eve.

September 15, 1917

Sat. Lovely

Cooked in A.M. Miss Flavin went to Stiles in A.M. Miss Roberts ate dinner here. Teachers went to shack. Ma & I went down town in Eve.

September 14, 1917

Lovely day

May has another cold. Sick all night. did not go to school. Cleaned up stairs in A.M. Eliz. L. came in Eve. Pa & Ma came in.

September 13, 1917

Thurs. fine & Warmer

Ironed in a.M. Ma came in. Went down town in P.M. Orrin North came for Perkins :junk." Glad it is gone. Miss roberts & flavin came down in Eve.

September 12, 1917

Wed. Warmer

E. got $5. Mary L. & I gave silver tea in Ever Onward. Made 9.20. Lovely feed. Lura & Fannie served. May went to Shirley's after school. Perkins came up for goods. Did not get mean. [?]

September 11, 1917


Worked like dickens in A.M. Made plum conserve. 12 tumblers.Mary L. came. We went shopping in P.M. May likes school.


September 10, 1917

Mon. Lovely

School begins. May enters 4th grade. Miss Flavin teacher. Went to Mary Lawrences in P.M. Lonesome without May. Tired.

September 9, 1917

Sun. Lovely day Cold

May did not go to S.S. Miss Flavin & Roberts came in. P.M. May & I went to walk in P.M. Ironed. E. & May picked plums.

September 8, 1917

Sat. Lovely cold

Worked hard in A.M. & P.M. Did not change dress. Mowed lawn. Marion R.s trunk came. Pa & Ma came over. Early to bed. Miss Flavin called for room.


September 7, 1917

Fri. Cold ###

Cleaned up stairs in A.M. Mary Lawrence called in P.M. Went to Ideal in Eve with Ma. May is better. Anxious for school.


September 6, 1917

Thurs. Cold & Rain

May's birthday. 8 yrs. old. Big girl. Got $4 - dress - book - pencil box. Went down town in P.M. Saw Mrs. Dooris[?] went over to Mary Lawrence's in P.M. Tired.


September 5, 1917

Wed. Cold & damp

Washed in A.M. May & I went down town in P.M. Went home in Eve and knitted. May did not cough once all last night.

September 4, 1917

Tues. Fine

Cleaned some of the house in A.M. Sent laundry. May did not take music lesson. Headache all P.M. Mr. Perry sent vegetables.


September 3, 1917

Labor Day Great

Started for home at 9.09 A.M. Ate in Boston and got home at 4 P.M. Saw Agnes Bing & sister. May's cough is better. Went to bed early.

September 2, 1917

Sun. Lovely

Did not go to church. Miss Pickles & Heald arrived. Went to ride with Mr. white in A.M. Saw Mother Ann. Great. Saw aeroplane. Went to Long Beach in P.M.

September 1, 1917

Sat. Lovely Rain in P.M.

Went down on beach after breakfast until after noon. Went up to Gloucester in P.M. Rained. Went up to ride with Mr. White in Eve. Long ride. May liked it.