May 31, 1918


Cleaned up stairs in A.M. School again to-day. May went over to Josephine's in P.M. Went to Movies in Eve. with May & Gram.


May 30, 1918

Thurs   Cloudy

Memorial Day. E went fishing in P.M. May & I went to Exercises at Opera House in P.M. and to movies in Eve. Mr. Casey spoke in P.M. Tired.


May 29, 1918

Wed  Hot & Cloudy

Cooked in A.M. Went down town in P.M. Went to rehearsal with Marion in Eve. Lots of fun. Sam - May - Grandma & E went to Perkinsville in Eve.


May 28, 1918


Washed a little in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Went to Movies in Eve with Mother & May. Very good. Marion went to Priney's [?] to supper.


May 27, 1918

Mon.  Lovely  Warm

Sewed in P.M. Planted May's garden in Eve. May & Grandpa got pansy plants. Marion & Lura went to rehearsal in Eve.

May 26, 1918

Sun.  Rain in P.M. ###

May - Marion & I went to church in A.M. Memorial Sunday at Congo. Mr. & Mrs. Philbrook came in Eve. Also Lura. Mrs. Staples - Amidon - Shaw - Louden - Bromley - Johnson - La Fountain


May 25, 1918

Sat. Warm  Rain in Eve

Cleaned down stairs in A.M. & ironed.Ma & I went down town in Eve. got May's hat. $2.45 Ironed until 11-30 P.M. All in.


May 24, 1918

Fri  Fine

Cleaned up stairs in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Went down town in P.M. with May. Went to Movies in Eve with Mother - Marion & May.

May 23, 1918

Thurs  Fine

Ironed in A.M. Went to Ideal with Mother - Marion & May. good. bought Pyrodice for teeth. Only $1.00 per box. All in.

May 22, 1918

Wed  Fine

Cooked. Worked nearly all day. Sewed in P.M. Ma came over. Lura came in. Mrs LaFountain came.


May 21, 1918

Tues  Fine

Went to dentist in P.M. Went to Red Cross in Eve with Marion. Went down town in P.M. Ma came over.


May 20, 1918


Ethel Barney sick. (?) Too bad. "Tink"operated on for hining[?] at Devens. Worked a little. Did not go out.

Note: The first question mark is Ada's. Does this imply that Ethel is pregnant, I wonder?
The second question mark is mine. I just can't make out what Tink was operated on for.
Devens refers to Fort Devens in Massachusetts - where many many soldiers where stationed before going overseas. I believe there was a very high rate of Spanish Flu there.

May 19, 1918

Sun  Lovely

Lady picked lilacs. [?] Ma - Marion - May E & I went to ride in P.M. to Perkinsville. Fine. Went to walk in Eve.

Note: A photo of Perkinsville, but probably quite a few years earlier than their car ride.


May 16, 1915

Thurs.  Fine

May has a cold. Ironed in A.M.  Went down town in Eve. Took May to Lockes had tooth filled. [sic] Went to Movies in Eve. Tired.


May 15, 1918

Wed.  Beautiful

Laundry came. Looks fine. Went down town in A.M.  Cleaned bathroom in A.M. Marion & Lura went down town in Eve.

May 14, 1918

Tues  Beautiful

Ma came over as usual in A.M. and I went home as usual. Sewed in P.M. Went down in P.M. Marion went out.


May 13, 1918

Mon. Fine

Subscribed $1 a month for War Saving Chest. Marion - May - Mother & I went to Movies in Eve. Went down town in P.M.


May 12, 1918

Sun.   Rainy & Cloudy

May went to S.S. in A.M .Knit nearly all day. Did not go out only over home. May wore carnation. Mother's Day.


May 11, 1918

Sat.  Lovely

Mowed lawn & cooked in A.M. May & Helen went to Movies in P.M. Bought carnations of Dot Shaw. Mother - May & I went down town in Eve.


May 10, 1918

Fri.  Fine Thunder Shower

Terrible shower in Early Evening. Beautiful rainbow. May took music lesson in P.M. Played with kids after that.

May 9, 1918

Thurs   Fine

E. did not work. Took moths from trees. Went fishing in P.M. got 12. May enjoyed them. May - Mother & I went to Movies.


May 8, 1918

Wed.  Cooler

E. did not work. New carrier worked for him. Marion went to Orange for the wedding. Took May to the dentist in P.M. Found 3 brown tailed moths on maple tree.


May 7, 1918

Tues  Hot as blitzen

Fixed shrubs across road in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Ma came over in Eve. Marion & I fixed her evening dress. Went to library.


May 6, 1918

Mon.  Lovely

Washed in A.M. Schools begin one session again. Mays [sic] loves it. Marion & I went over to Lura's in Eve. Helen & May eat on lawn.


May 5, 1918

Sun Lovely

May went to S.S. and home to dinner. Ma - Marion -May- E & I had a dandy auto ride in P.M. Marion & I went & heard Porter Dale in Eve.

May 4, 1918

Sat   Lovely

May took lesson in A.M. Play again at Opera House in P.M. Went to Movies in Eve with Mother - Marion & May. They were rotten.

May 3, 1918

Fri  Lovely

Ironed in A.M.  Mother & I went to Opera House to May's play. "Miss Fresh Air Nurse" Very good. Went to club with Marion in Eve. Ma went to hall again.

May 2, 1918

Thurs   Lovely

Laundry came. Cooked in A.M. May went to rehearsal after school. Scotney & White at Opera House. Ma-Marion-May & I went to movies.