February 20, 1919

Thurs. Fine

Ironed in A.M. May went to Helen P. after school. Premier Clemenceau shot, not fatal. Ma & I went to Movies in P.M.

February 19, 1919


Better to-day. Mended E.'s old uniform. Went down town in P.M. Sent Maud's dress. May played with Helen after school. Quite cold.

February 18, 1919

Tues. ###

Did not do much this A.M. Went to bed in P.M. May took music lesson after school. Ma - May & I went to Movies in Eve.

February 17, 1919


Washed two blankets. Did not change dress. Sewed in Eve. May went over to Helen's after school.

February 16, 1919


May went to S.S. Made fudge. read the Ne'er do Well and 23 1/2 hours. leave [sic] Both bum. Early to bed.

February 15, 1919

Sat.  Lovely

May went sliding in P.M. & A.M. Went down town with Harry in A.M. Harry went home in P.M. Went down town in Eve.

February 14, 1919


Feel fine. E. went to work. Ma - May - Harry & I went to Movies in Eve. they were very good. "On Trial".

February 13, 1919


Harry told us all about France. Went down town in P.M. E is better. E & I went to Masonic ball. Wore Maude's dress. Lovely time.


February 12, 1919


Ma . May & I went to Orange to Fred's wedding. Very quiet. Had lots of fun. E. & Harry went to Basket Ball game. Came home at midnight.

Note: Fred married Marion - Ada's boarder, and the teacher at May's school.

February 11, 1919


E. came home sick. worried about him. Ironed. Harry & Percy came in P.M. Percy went back in Early P.M. Went down town.

Note: Harry & Percy are E.'s brothers.


February 10, 1919


Washed in A.M. Did not send laundry. Went home. Went down town in A.M. All in. Early to bed.

February 9, 1919


May went to S.S. Fred come in Early a.M. Went to Boston in P.M. Made fudge. All in. Fred has fur collar on coat.


February 8, 1919


Worked all day. Went down town in Eve. with May & Mother. Bought music. Bought cabbage. Class.

Note: Class for buying a cabbage? Not quite sure about that one!

February 7, 1919

Fri. Lovely

May got 83 in Arith. 99 in Geo. Class. Worked all day. May & I went to Library in Eve. Brush fire in Eve. All in.


February 6, 1919


Exams in Arith. & Geo at May's school.Easy. Went to Movies in P.M. Marion cutler at Ma's. Mrs. Ellison buried. Ma came over in Eve.


February 5, 1919


 Ironed in A.M. Sewed in P.M. got invite to Masonic Ball. E. won't go. Feel bad. Had planned to go. May & I studied geography.

February 4, 1919


Laundry came. Went down town after school. May took music lesson. May & I went to Movies in Eve.


February 3, 1919


Washed a little in A.M. Went down town to Dr. D's. office. Got bottle filled. Went to walk with Gladys. H. & baby. Sewed in Eve.


February 2, 1919


May wore new hat to-day. It looks great. Went to S.S. Went home in P.M. Read nearly all day. All in.


February 1, 1919


Worked all day. Cooked & ironed in P.M. Ma - [May?] - Mother & I went down town in Eve. Saw R.W. bought some music.