December 9, 1916

Sat. Rain

Fred came last night. May is glad it is Saturday.Went over to Helen's in P.M. Her coat came. Very pretty. All in.

December 8, 1916

Fri. Fine day

Finished ironing in A.M. Mother's machine came. May went to "Prince & Pauper" after school. Mother & I went to "Call of the Cumberlands"

December 7, 1916

Thurs. Lovely day.

Ironed in A.M. Went down town in P.M. Ordered new machine. Xmas present. Met May after school. We saw bears.

December 6, 1916

Wed. Lovely & Snow in P.M.

Washed in A.M Big one. Machine agent came.Went home in A.M. Mother came over in Eve. May went to Helen's. Went to bed early.

December 5, 1916

Tues. Rain

Ever Onward Bazaar. Did not go. Crocheted in P.M. & Eve. Made cake for Bazaar. Went home in A.M. Mother came over in P.M. May went to Stiles. Helen Browns. Sent for May's coat.

December 4, 1916

Mon. Snow & Rain

May went to school as usual. Crocheted & embroidered in P.M. Mother came over in Eve. Sent for May's coat. Went home.

December 3, 1916

Sun. Nice day

May went to S.S. Fred came over. Went to Boston in P.M. Weny home in Eve. May & I went to bed early. Flemings went [?]


December 2, 1916

Sat. Lovely Day

Xmas opening at stores. Fred went to Windsor. home in P.M. Mrs. LaFountain called E. bought saws and things at McPhee. Went down town, Shirley came up.

December 1, 1916

Fri. Clear & Colder

Worked hard in A.M. May went to Shirley's in P.M. Went down town. Saw May Fleming & Bertha. Went to Doane's. Went to Ideal in Eve.