December 31, 1915

Friday Beautiful

Cooked boiled dinner. Mrs. B. came over in P.M. May, she & I went to walk. Went to Ideal in Eve. with her. Mr. & Mrs. B. came in Eve.

December 30, 1915

Thursday Beautiful ###

May & Sheila had a great time in the snow. Went to Ideal in P.M. with Miss G. & May. Went home in Eve with May.


December 29, 1915

Miss Cutler over home
Wednesday Snow

May played out in A.M. Worked all day. B's are going to Ideal. Mr. B. stopped in Eve. Pa came in.


December 28, 1915

Went home in A.M.
Tuesday Lovely

May played out nearly all day. Sheila came over. Mary is going to Ideal. Ironed in Eve. May is tired.

December 27, 1915

Fred went in P.M.
Monday Lovely

"Birth of A Nation" here for three days. Used my new flat iron. It is fine. Ma came over. Ma & Pa went to "Birth of a Nation"

December 26, 1915

Sunday Snow & Wind

We didn't go out until eve. Then went home. Met Miss G's friend Miss Miller. We all had supper. Went to bed early.

December 25, 1915

Merry Xmas
Mr. B. stopped. Fred came
Desk for May
Miss G. came over. Mary also. Went home to Xmas. Had lots of gifts. E. worked nearly all day. May was a happy girl.

Note: This is one of the very rare entries where the day and weather are missing! I wonder what Ada means by E. worked nearly all day?

December 24, 1915

Went to tree at church
Friday Our Anniversary Lovely

Did up more packages. Got gifts from Prov. & Rochester. Mrs. Barney came over & Mary, Sheila came over. Snowed.

December 23, 1915

Thursday Lovely

Mr. B stopped in A.M. Went shopping in P.M. Home in P.M. Went to bed early. Washed a little.

December 22, 1915

Stayed all night over home
Wednesday Snowy

Cooked in A.M. Did up packages. Went down town in P.M. with May. E & I went to Barnums in Eve. May went over home.


December 21, 1915

Mr. McCarty died
Tuesday Cold

May & I went down town in P.M. Ma & Pa came in Eve. Goods came from Claremont. Mr. B. came over in Eve.

December 20, 1915

Monday Fair

Ironed in A.M. May played with children out doors. Mr. B stopped at noon. Went down town in Eve.

December 19, 1915

Went home in Eve with May
Sunday Fair

Lovely day but terrible walking. Mr. B. stopped in A.M. Mr. & Mrs. B came in P.M. Miss G. Mrs. S & Lura came in. Tired.

December 18, 1915

Saturday Rainy

Terrible walking. We stayed in all day. Worked nearly all day. Mended & finished towel. Lura came home.

December 17, 1915

Mr. Barnum came in Eve.
Friday Rainy & Cold

Went to Claremont with Mrs. Barnum. Had lots of fun. Saw Mattie & Ray. Roy D. & Mrs. Colby. Bought out 5&10. May & E. stayed over home.

December 16, 1915

Thursday Fair & Cold

Washing came. $.55. Washed in A.M. Ironed in Eve. Mrs.Barnum came in Eve. We went down town & over home. Sewed in Eve.

December 15, 1915

Wednesday Fair

Went home in P.M. with May. She stayed to supper. Came over with Mother in Eve. Lucy came over in A.M.

December 14, 1915

Tuesday Wind & Fair

Wind blows very hard. Cleared up stairs and May & I went home in P.M. Went down town in P.M. Made the cover & hangers for [Sadie]?

December 13, 1915

Monday Snowy

Sent washing to Laundry. Snowed all day. Did not go out.Mended & baked in P.M. May glad to see the snow.

December 12, 1915

Sunday Cold & Fair

Did not have much to do today. E. May & I went to walk. Up to river & watched them skate. Went home in Eve. May's cough is better.

December 11, 1915

Bought sandwich basket
Saturday Cold - Fair

Worked all day. May still coughs but does not "whoop" Ma & Pa came over in Eve. Went down town in Eve with Mother.


December 10, 1915

Bowen bought potatoes
Friday Cold & Fair

Went home in A.M. Sick. Stayed until about 2:30 PM came home & worked. Nellie came in P.M. Mrs. Smith and Miss Greene in Eve.


December 9, 1915

Thursday Pleasant

Enameled gas stove. Went to Ideal P.M. with Lucy. May went home. Sick head-ache in Eve & all night.

Note: Toxic fumes from the enameling?


December 8, 1915

Played cards
Wednesday Snowy

Went down town in A.M. May & I went to Barnum's in P.M. E. came over with Mr B. Stayed to supper and spent evening. Cake with orange [spoon]? Lovely time.

Note: "spoon" seems wrong but that's what it look like. It's not sponge.

December 7, 1915

Stayed all night over home.
Tuesday Lovely

May & I went home in P.M. Went to Gentleman's Night at Doane's. We took Mr & Mrs Barnum. Lovely time. Came home & played cards.

Note: Doane's is a store. This must be something to do with Christmas? But why does she stay at her parent's house?

December 6, 1915

Pearl & Barbara are here.
Monday Snowy

Helped with washing in A.M. May & I went down town in P.M. Took her to dentist. Had tooth out. New tooth behind. Saw Mattie.

December 5, 1915

Sunday Cloudy

May's abou the same. Did not go out until Eve. Mr. Barnum came over. Went home in Eve. May went home to dinner.

December 4, 1915

Saturday Pleasant

Opening day down town. Mrs Barney came over in A.M. Worked all day. Ma & Pa came over in eve. Did not go out.

December 3, 1915

Friday Snowy

Ironed. Got it done at last. Lucy came over. Sheila & Mildred came over. Went home & down town in Eve.

December 2, 1915

Mary came over in Eve.
Thursday Snow

Ironed in A.M. Went to Ideal in P.M. with Lucy & Miss G. Mary stayed with mother. Miss G. fell down. Went to bed early.

December 1, 1915

Wednesday Fair

Ironed a little. Worked all day. Mr & Mrs Barnum came over in Eve. Had dandy time. Like them very much. Played cards.