October 30, 1915

Halloween Night
Saturday Cold & Windy

Worked hard in A.M. Fred came in P.M. Lucy & I watched the kids in Eve. May had a fine time. Dressed as a ghost with hat and lantern.

Note: I guess they celebrated early so that Halloween wasn't celebrated on a school night.

October 29, 1915

Thunderstorms in Eve.
Friday Lovely Day

Took May to Barber's in A.M. Went down town in P.M. Mother & Father came over in Eve. Mended. Mary came over.

October 28, 1915

Thursday Lovely Day

Teacher's Convention at Rutland so school is closed rest of week. May, Mother & I went to Ideal in P.M. Went home in Eve.


October 27, 1915

Wednesday Cloudy & Rainy

Cooked in A.M. Went home & down town in P.M. with May. Ma & Pa went to "Seawolf" May & I went to bed early. Lucy came by.

October 26,1915

Joined Young Women's Club
Tuedsay Rainy & Fair

Ironed in A.M. and until 2:30. Went home in P.M. May came over after school. Went to Congo. Church with Mary in Eve.


October 25, 1915

Monday Lovely

Helped with washing in A.M. Went down town in A.M. with May after school. Went home in P.M. and in Eve with May.

October 24, 1915

Sunday Cold & Fair

May & I went home to breakfast. May went over to dinner. Fred came over. He went to New Britain in P.M. Went home in Eve.

October 23, 1915

Saturday Cold & Fair

Worked hard all day. Fred come over in P.M. Went to B. F. with Lucy & Mr. W. Mr & Mrs. Dix. Saw "Birth of a Nation" Most wonderful thing I ever saw.

October 22, 1915

Friday Colder

Cleaned in Ernest's room. Went home in P.M. and sewed. May came over after school. Mother came over in Eve.

October 21, 1915

Thursday Lovely

Washed a few windows. Went home in A.M. Lucy & I went to Ideal. May stayed with Mother. Ordered purple dress.

October 20, 1915

Sufferage Convention
Wednesday Lovely Day

Whitney Doane and Arthur's birthday. Went down town in P. M. to meet May. Samples came. Went home in Eve.


October 19, 1915

Tuesday Beautiful

Ironed until 2:30 P.M. Went home. Miss G. came over. Mother & I went to Ideal in Eve. Lucy & George's 17th anniversary.

October 18, 1915

Hurdy Gurdy Dance
Monday Perfect Day

Helped with washing in A.M. Worked nearly all day. Miss G. came over in P.M. Went home with May after school. Went to Lucy's.

October 17, 1915

Warm as summer
Sunday Lovely

Went to S.S. with May. Rally Day. She spoke a piece. May & I went to walk in P.M. with Lucy, Miss Greene & Arthur to Hartness Park.

October 16, 1915

John Eaton's funeral in P.M.
Saturday Lovely

Miss Greene came over in P.M. Went to Ideal with May & Miss Greene. Went down town in Eve. Ma & Pa came over in Eve.

October 15. 1915

May & I went home in Eve.
Friday Lovely Day

Not convenient for me to have Club tea. May Barney had it. Mary came over in P.M. May & Doris came home from school together.

October 14, 1915

May stayed over home in Eve
Thursday Lovely Day

Went to Ideal in Eve. with Miss Greene. Sewed in P.M. Did not change dress all day. Saw George Dudley. My but he is fat.

Note: I'm not 100% certain that Ada is saying "fat" it could be "fit" but it's not as likely. It's hard to tell as the ink is faded. It's actually funny either way though.


October 13, 1915

Red Sox won the pennant. Hooray.
Wednesday Lovely Day

Inspector here today. Cleaned some of May's playroom in A.M. Went to Ideal in P.M. with Mrs.W. & Miss G. May & I went over to Lucy's in Eve.

Note: It would be many many years before the Red Sox won the pennant again!
Not sure what Ada is referring to by "Inspector". Perhaps something to do with the Post Office where Ernest worked.

October 12, 1915

John Eaton died.
Tuesday Lovely Day
Lucci's [?] went to New York

Columbus Day. E. did not work in P.M. and school did not keep. May pleased. Mother came over in P.M. and Eve.

October 11, 1915

Monday Fine Day

Helped with washing in A.M. Feel better to-day. May went to school and brought her first report card.

October 10, 1915

Sunday Cold & Damp

May went to S.S. and home to dinner. Sick all day. Went to bed. Mother came over in P.M.

October 9, 1915

Saturday Lovely

Cooked in A.M. Olive & Clarence here. Mother, May & I went to Ideal in P.M. Went home in Eve. & sewed. Mother came over.

October 8. 1915

Friday Rain & Fair

May played in A.M. Went to school in P.M. Shirley came up. Ma & Pa came over. Ernest went to claremont to Carnival with Stubbs.


October 7, 1915

Thursday Cloudy

May went to school in P.M. as usual. Mother came over. After school May & I went home. Went home in Eve. & sewed.

October 6, 1915

Shirley came up after school.
Wednesday Cloudy

May played in A.M. with Sheila. Mary came over in A.M. Mother came over in P.M. Went to Parent Teacher Reception at Mrs. Stearns. Lovely time.

October 5, 1915

Tuesday Rainy in A.M.

May not feeling well at noon. Did not go to school. Went home in P.M. Ironed in A.M. Mary came over in Eve.

October 4, 1915

Monday Lovely Day

Helped with wash in A.M. May goes to school in P.M. now. Went home in P.M. & Eve & sewed. May likes school better now.


October 3, 1915

Sunday Rainy & Cloudy

May went to S.S. in A.M. Grandpa came over. Went home in Eve. Lura & Mrs. S. started for N.Y. Lovely dinner.

October 2, 1915

Saturday Rained

May played indoors all day. We went home in Eve. Made lemon pie. Mrs. D. came over in A.M. Mended in P.M.

October 1, 1915

Friday Fair & Cool

May went to school as usual. We went home in P.M. & sewed. Went home in Eve. Went to Mary's & Mrs. Smiths. Washed a little.

September 30, 2009

Went to Ideal in Eve. with Miss G.
Thursday Fair & cool

Mrs. D., Mrs. W. Miriam [?] Arthur, May & I went to Charlestown Fair. Had great time. May went to Sheila's party after we came home. 5 years old.