March 22, 1918

Fri. Lovely

Cleaned down stairs. Big German drive began on Gen. Haig. British. Terrible. May went to Movies in P.M. for school at 2-30. Marion, Mother & I went in Eve.

March 21, 1918

Thurs. Fine

May went to school again. Seemed queer to go all day. Worked all day. Cleaned up stairs. Went over to Helen's after school.

March 20, 1918

Wed. Fine

Gave May good dose of Castorig. E. is all to pieces. wish he would stay home from the office.

March 19, 1918

Tues. Fine

May is gaining. Ernest ears are still aching. Bell & Barnum are helping him out. Went to bed early. All in.

March 18, 1918

Mon. Lovely

May is better. Went to bed early. E. is bad again. Wish he would go to Drs. Held May nearly all day. Ma came in & Pa.

March 17, 1918


Dr. came in A.M. to see May. thinks she is improving. changed medicine. Ma came in. E. still is suffering.

March 16, 1918

Sat. Cloudy

Worked hard all day. Mother & Marion & I went down town in Eve.Went to Dr. got some medicine for her. Bought plant.Maizie H. party at Herricks. Herricks bought ice cream for May. Could not go.