November 30, 1916


Thanksgiving. Roast chicken, turkey & chicken pie. Folks all came over. Lovely time.Awfully tired.

November 29, 1916

Wed. Cold & Cloudy

School only kept until noon. May went to Shirley's.Mrs. Doane & Shirley came later. Fred came. Mother & I fixed turkey. Saw Alvastan[?] & baby.


November 28, 1916

Tues. Cloudy

Howard Finn has measles. May played down to Shirley's after school. [dinner crossed out.] Silla Tennyson called. Went home. Washed windows in P.M. Invited Marion Roberts for Thanksgiving.

Note: Marion may have been invited at the instigation of Fred (they ended up getting married.)

November 27, 1916

Mon. Lovely

Mr. Prior did not come for laundry. Heard he was closed up. May got report card. Grand. 5 E's, 2 F's & 2 G's. Called on Mrs Drane.{?} Went to Ideal with Mother. "Gold & the Woman."

Note: The grading system of letters was obviously different!
May was a "genius" and was a proud member of MENSA for most of her life.

November 26, 1916

Sun. Cold & beautiful

May has quite a cold. Did not go to S.S. Yale won. Fred went to Prov. May & I went home to breakfast. Mother is tired to-day.

November 25, 1916

Sat. Fine day

May went over to Helen's in A.M. Butter $ .40 & no eggs. Fred came in P.M. Brought May dandy pencil box. Mother came over in Eve.

November 24, 1916

Fri. Lovely Day

Feel fine all day. Did not wear glasses once. May - Mother & I went to Ideal. "Mice & Men" Great. May has little cold. Hope it is not measles.

November 23, 1916

Thurs. Fine

Kind of sick in A.M. Better towards noon. Did a little work. Mended in Eve. Took dark glasses off. Went to bed early. May is tired.


November 22, 1916

Cold & beautiful

Better in A.M. Did not feel very good in P.M. Mother came over & did work. Went home in Eve. Saw new furnace and gilded flower pot. Radiators all gilded.

November 21, 1916

Tues. Colder & Fair

Worse this A.M. Dr. came in A.M. Better in P.M. & Eve. Made beds and did dishes. Painting radiator over house. May went over Helen's. Went home in Eve.

November 20, 1916

Mon. Lovely

May went to school as usual.Better today thank goodness. Mother has been doing what work there is. Nell Herrick came in.

November 19, 1916

Sun. Lovely

Crazy again. E. got me some more medicine. Fred went to New York. George Hanson came in Eve. Ma & Pa came in.

November 18, 1916

Sat. Fine day ###

Head no better. Crazy again. E. did not work in P.M. Dr. Doane came in A.M. Went to bed early. McFarlane skipped. [?] Fred came in P.M.

November 17, 1916

Fri. Snow

Head is worse. Dr. Doane came in A.M. Did not relieve me much. School does not keep. Teachers go to Claremont.

November 16, 1916

Thurs. Fair

do not feel very well. Headaches terribly. May spoke a piece at school. Sick in P.M. Crazy in night. Neuralgia.

November 15, 1916

Wed. Fair & Cold

E. stayed home & worked in P.M. Ironed a little in A.M. Mother came. Went home in P.M. tired. Went to bed early.

November 14, 1916

Tues. Snow

May played with snow. Laundry came. Washed a little in A.M. May wet feet twice. Went home in Eve. Played dominoes.

November 13, 1916

Mon. cold & Cloudy Rain

Mr. Carter started to work putting in hot water at Mother's. E. May & I played dominoes in Eve. E. stayed in.

November 12, 1916

Sun. Cloudy & Cold.

May went to s.S. We went home to breakfast. Stayed home all day. Went home in P.M.

November 11, 1916

Sat. Cold & Cloudy

Eggs $.46 butter $.40 May went over to Helen's in A.M. We went to Dr. Bugbee & May had two teeth pulled. Never hurt a bit.

November 10. 1916

Fri. Lovely

Wilson still leads. Mrs. Floyd Batchelor called. Cleaned den. Went to Ideal in Eve. with Mother. Saw Geraldine Farrar in "Carmen." Benefit High School.

November 9, 1916

Thurs. Lovely

Started to put cement in Pa's walk. Wilson still in lead. May got picture from school. Went home. Pearl came over.

November 8, 1916

Wed. Colder Fair

Not sure of Hughes after all. Fraud somewhere. Chicken Pie supper at church. Made cake. Went to walk with Mary. Went in to Mrs. Powers.

November 7, 1916

Tues. Lovely Election Day

Everyone out. Hughes got in. Lost bet with Ernest. Made gumpe (?) for May in Eve. Went home.

November 6, 1916

Mon. fine

Washed a little in A.M. Mother came over. May's cold better. Went to walk with MAry Lawrence in P.M. Mother's birthday. coffee percolater,pitcher & creamer dish, lots of things. Mrs. Gallup called. May [?]

November 5, 1916

Sun. Snow

First snow storm. May is tickled to see all the snow. Stayed home from S.S. May & I went home to breakfast & dinner.

November 4, 1916

Sat. Helen's birthday

Fair day. worked like dickens all day. Raked lawn in P.M. Went down towm in Eve. with mother & May. Mother got hat at Eastman's.

November 3, 1916

Fri. Colder

Terrible fire last night at Foundry. Went to Ideal & saw Madame Butterfly. Mary Pickford. Went out in P.M. with Mrs. Powers.

November 2, 1916

Thurs. Fine day

Cleaned upper hall & rug. Swept upstairs. got my hat from Ladies Shop. Never again. Foundry burned.

November 1, 1916

Wed. Lovely

Went to Ideal with Mother in P.M. May came in after school. Went home in Eve. Went to bed early. Ironed.

October 31, 1916


Halloween night. May went out with lanterns & kids. Gladys C. had shower at Virginia S, Gave her tea wagon. Lovely time.

OCtober 30, 1916

Mon. Fine, cold.

Battle Cry of Peace at Ideal. Cosmopoitan Club had it. Went home in P.M. May's cold is better. Washed the house with hose.

October 29, 1916

Sun. Lovely day

May has a cold so did not go to S.S. Carl Perry brought her picture in Eve. Mother came over in P.M.