March 28, 1916

Tues Lovely day

May is better. Stayed in all day. Cleaned the attic. Ernest's teeth look fine. Lucy came over. Ma & Pa came in Eve. Sheila came to play with May. LaFountain Woolsen bought Adna Brown.

Note: Adna Brown Hotel was the largest in Springfield. It was burned down by an arsonist several years ago.
Adna Brown Hotel

March 27, 1916

Mon. Beautiful day

Washed a little in A.M. Worked all day. We are going to buy Jacob's gas stove. Mary & Francis came over in A.M. May is better.

March 26, 1916

Sun. Just like summer

May did not go to S.S. on account of cold. Pa came in. E. went to Dr. Lockes in A.M. Julian and Mary came in Eve.


March 25, 1916

Sat. Very warm

Cleaned all around & cooked. Worked all day. Tickled to pieces that we can have the Perkins House. Mary came over & Mother in P.M.

March 24, 1916

Fri Warm & Fine

May sick in A. M. Sick to her stomach. Did not go to school. Last day of school. Mr. P. telephoned we could have house. Mrs. B came in P.M. Went to show with Mrs.B. Mother & May.

March 23, 1916

Thurs. Lovely Day

Visited May's school in A.M. Enjoyed it immensely. Mother, May & I went to Ideal in P.M. Went to bed early. May has cold.


March 22, 1916

Wed. Snow all day

May & I went home in P.M. Made pillow slips. Went home in A.M. & told mother about show. Heard from Mr. Perkins. Others ahead of us.

March 21, 1916

Tues Lovely Day

May went to school as usual. Francis Mary came in P.M. Went home & over to Lucy's in P.M. Lucy, Arthur, Miss G. May & I went to show. Great.

March 20, 1916

Mon. Lovely Day ###

Washed a little. Went home in P.M. with May. Mary came over in A.M. The Gene MacCliffe Stock Co. all this week.

Note: Could also be "Jere" or "Jene"

March 19, 1916

Sun. Cold

May went to Sunday School. Went home to dinner. Pa has neuralgia in face. Went home in P.M. Did not go out in eve.

March 18, 1916

Sat. Lovely Cold Day

May played out in A.M. with Frances & Sheila. Ben went back at noon. Morses going to leave town. Wrote to Clyde Perkins about house. Went down town.

Note: Ada & Ernest are renting but are interested in buying a house. That is what she has written to Clyde -presumably the owner - about.

March 17, 1916

Fri Cold & Windy

We all stayed over home to dinner.Tired today. E. has cold. May went to school as usual. Pa has toothache & headache. Went to bed early.


March 16, 1916

Thurs. Cold & Windy

Went down town in A.M. {...by?} came to look at house. May went to Ideal with Mrs. B. & mother. E & I went to Alturian Ball. Had a lovely time.

March 15, 1916

Wed. Snowed all day

Went to Ideal in P.M. with May & Lucy. E. is cross with me. May & I went home in Eve. Went down town. Harvey Slade died.


March 14,1916

Tues. Snow in P.M.

May & I went home in P.M. Uncle Ben came over in A.M. Frances Mary took supper with May. I went home in Eve.

March 13, 1916

Mon. snow in A.M.

May went to school as usual. We went home in P.M. Ma & Pa went to Ideal in Eve. May & I went over to Mary's in Eve. Uncle Ben came.

Note: Ben is Ada's mother's brother - one of two - the other is Sam.

March 12, 1916

Sun. Lovely

May went home. I went to church in a.M. Mr. & Mrs. B. called. We all went home in Eve.


March 11, 1916

Sat. Lovely Day

Went over to Lucy in A.M. Rec'd invite to "Corset Tea" at Lizah Slacks. Did not go. Went home. May played with kids all A.M. May & I went down town.

March 10, 1916

Friday Lovely Day

Went home in P.M. and sewed. Jessie W. called. May played with Francis awhile. Mary & children came over. Pearl taken to hospital.

March 9, 1916

Thurs. Snow in A.M.

Mother & May & I went to Ideal in P.M. Cleaned upstairs in A.M. Went home in Eve with May and crocheted on insertion.


March 8, 1916

Wed. Lovely in A.M. Snowed in P.M.

May wore new brown serge dress. Went to Ideal in P.M. with Lucy - Miss G. & Miss Wendlyn. May went home. Mrs Smith gives party to bridge club. The wood came. Jewett brought it.

March 7, 1916

Tues. Cloudy Little snow & rain
Town Meeting Day

Ironed in A.M. Mother - Mary & Mary Leland Lawrence came in P.M. May went over to see Frances Mary. Went to Ideal in Eve. with Mother.

March 6, 1916

Mon. Cold & Fair

May started school in A.M. for March. Mary Leland bought Tennyson's house. Finished May's brown dress. We went home in P.M.

March 5, 1916

Sun Cold & Fair

E. went to dentist's Locke's [sic] in A.M. Miss G. came in. Pa came in. Mabel Perry's funeral in P.M. We all went home in Eve. Strike still on.


March 4, 1916

Sat. Lovely

Helen & Sheila came to play with May. Gear Shaper strike also girls from J.T. Slacks. Went home in P.M. May & I went down town.

March 3, 1916

Fri. Lovely Day

May went down town in A.M. Went over home in P.M. and sewed. Fred Wheeler bought Ed Hill's house. e. May & I went to Ideal in Eve.


March 2, 1916

Thurs. Snow

Company A Masque Ball. Sheila came over in A.M. Mother & I went to Ideal in P.M. with Lucy & Miss G. May came in after school. Mabel Perry committed suicide by gas.

March 1, 1916

Wed. Cold & Fair

Mrs. Barney, Mrs. Baker & Sheila came over in A.M. Went home & sewed in P.M. Shirley came home with May. Went down town in Eve. Pa & Ma gone to Ideal.

February 29, 1916

Tuesday Cold & Fair

Cannot write on this page again. [5 year diary] May went down town in a.M. Went home in P.M. & sewed. Bought brogue shoes in P.M. We went home in Eve. Miss G. came over.

February 28, 1916

Monday Cold & Windy

Did not send May to school. too rough. We went home in P.M. Cut out May's brown dress. Came out fine. Mary came over in Eve. Mr. & Mrs. Smith gone to Boston.

February 27, 1916

Sun. Very cold

Miss G. & Fred came in. Lucy came over. Fred went to Spring City, Penn. E & I went up to Mrs. Dodge's to lunch in Eve. Olive and Clare{?} here. May went home to dinner & supper.

February 26, 1916

Sat. Rain & Snow

Fred came from Montreal in A.M. Sick headache all last night. High School Bazaar at Opera House. We all went home to supper. Steamed clams.

February 25, 1916

Fri. Rain & Snow

Swept in A.M. Head aches badly. went to bed in P.M. Pearl & Harry have a son. May & I went to Little Masquerade Dancing Class Ball. May enjoyed it.

February 24, 1916

Thurs. Cold & Fair

May played out in A.M. Mother & I went to Ideal in P.M. May came in after school. Went down to Library {in} the Eve. May & I went home.