November 30, 1918

Sat. Fine

Worked hard all day. Gladys P. & "Chick" F. ran away last Eve. Terrible. Ma & I went down town in Eve. May stayed with Gramp.

November 29, 1918

Fri.  Stormy  ##

Fred & Marion went to Orange in A.M. Sick all A.M. Better in P.M. Mother & I went to Movies in Eve. Evelyn Thaw. Good.


November 28, 1918


Lovely Thanksgiving. Bushels to be thankful for. All the folks came to dinner & spent the day. Ate a lot. E. did not work. Seemed good. Tired.

November 27, 1918

Wed.  Cold

School closed at noon. May - Marion - Mother - Fred & I went to Movies in P.M. Saw Reo [?] Mr.Thompson. Fixed turkey in Eve. Went down town.

November 26, 1918

Tues. Snowy  Cold

Woke up and found a little snow on ground. May [sic] cold is better. Cooked. Ironed. in P.M. May & I did number work.

November 25, 1918

Mon. Fine

May got report cards. Very good card. Sewed in Eve. Washed in A.M. Mopped in P.M. Went home in P.M. E. went to work in P.M.

November 24, 1918

Sun.  Fine & Cold

May went to S.S. Marion made fudge. Worked nearly all day. Read in Eve. Gave May bath. Went home. May played phonograph.

November 23, 1918

Sat.  Fine

Cooked. Cleaned pantry. Looks fine. Swept down stairs. May & I went down town in Eve. Bought blankets for Marion's bed. Fred heard from Wash. that owing to cessation of hostilities no commissions anymore.

November 22, 1918

Fri  Cold

Cleaned up stairs. Marion & I went to club at Ethel Washburn's. Marion read paper. E. & May went to Charlie Chaplin at Movies.

November 21, 1918

Thurs.  Fine

May & I went to Movies in Eve. Fine. Marion went to McJuards. [sp?] Ironed in A.M. and P.M. Went home in P.M. Fred & Marion played cards.

November 20, 1918

Wed.  fine

Laundry came. Dried clothes in house. Look fine. Cooked. Went home. May took lesson after school. Tired.

November 19, 1918

Tues.  Fine

May & I went to Movies in Eve. They were great. Went down town in P.M. Marion played cards over home. Tired.

November 18, 1918

Mon.  Rain

Washed a little . Did clothes in house. Ma & Fred came over. Went home in P.M. Mended in Eve. All in. Early to bed.

November 17, 1918

Sun. Lovely

Promotion Sunday at S.S. Marion & I went. May was promoted. It was very cute. Worked hard when I got home.

November 16, 1918

Sat. Fine

Butler $.60 Cooked & cleaned kitchen. Fred piled camp chairs for me. Paid Cahee for them & paid Hardy. Brown 5.90. Tired.

November 15, 1918

Fri. Warm & Fair

Worked all day. Altrurian Club met here in Eve. 24 present. Miss Rhebeck joined. House looked slick. Ma & Fred came. E. & May went to Movies.

November 14, 1918

Thurs.  Fine & Warm

Ironed a little.  Left clothes out all night. All covered with black soot from factory chimneys. Went down town in P.M.


November 13, 1918

Wed.  Fine

Sewed & washed windows. Laundry came. Went down town in P.M. Went home. Kaiser fled to Holland.

November 12, 1918

Tues.  Fair

All in from celebrations. Washed a little & cooked. Just think the war is over. May & I went to Movies.

November 11, 1918


Hurrah. Armistice signed this A.M. Parades all day. Grand one in P.M. E. & Fred went hunting deer. Came home. May in parade as Belgium.


November 10, 1918

Sun.  Fair

May went to S.S. Eliz Abernathy came in P.M. Fred stayed to supper. Baked chicken for dinner. Tired.

November 9, 1918

Sat.  Rain

Worked all day. Ironed until 10 in Eve. E bought goods at one cent sale. May took peach stones down town. [?]

November 8, 1918

Fri  Fine

Rumor was a fake. The armistice is not signed. Club Meeting at Mrs. Slacks. Marion & I went. Good time.

November 7, 1918

Thurs. Fine

Report Germany signed armistice of Allies. Bells rung - school let out. Big celebration in Eve. May & I went.


November 6, 1918

Wed.  Cold - Fair

Mother's birthday. Pa & Fred gave party - May helped - Oyster supper. May played phonograph.


November 5, 1918

Tues  Rain

Laundry came. Washed a little. Mended. Went down town and bought Ma's birthdays [sic]

November 4, 1918


School began. Helen's birthday. Rain. May Shirley & Josephine went to Helen's to supper Bought May  new rubbers. $.85 -

November 3, 1918

Sun.  Cold

Influenza ban is lifted church opens.Marion made fudge. E. worked down cellar. Tired.

November 2, 1918

Sat.  ###

Cleaned kitchen. Looks good. Cooked. May & I went down town in Eve. Cold as dickens. Tired.