July 27, 1916

Thurs. Rain

Went home. Told Lelands we did not care to go to shack. Ironed in A.M. Sewed in P.M. Eastern Star picnic. Did not go.

July 26, 1916

Wed. Rain

Very muggy & sticky. Lelands invited us to got shack for 1 week, also to Eastern Star picnic. Went down in Eve.

July 25, 1916

Tues. Hot

Washed a little in A.M. Washing came. Sewed in P.M. E. & I went to B.F. to "Battle Cry of Peace" with Rowes. It was "bum"

July 24, 1916

Mon. Hot

May & I went to Claremont. Saw Mattie. Bought May 6 prs half hose. Came home at 4 P.M. Saw Dr. Edwards. Put shell on glasses.

July 23, 1916

Sun. Hot

E. went to Bennington with Lockes. May went to S.S. Went home. Went to walk in Eve. with Mother & May.

July 22, 1916

Sat. Hot & Rain

Made 8 more tumblers current jelly. Sewed in P.M. May stayed at home nearly all day. She went to auction in P.M. with Pa.

July 21, 1916

Fri. hot

Marion Cutler left. Mowed grass. Ironed. Made 8 tumblers currant jelly. sewed in P.M. Mother came over.

July 20, 1916

Thurs. Hot

May sick last night. Better this a.M. Went to Ideal in Eve. with May & folks. No good.


July 19, 1916

Hot. Wed.

Marion Cutler at Mother's. Washing came. Hung them out. Went down town with Mother & May. Mother bought new dress.

July 18, 1916

Tues. Hot.

Mother went to Frank Locke's. Washed a little. Alice Powers came over to play with May. Band Concert. Went to walk in Eve.

July 17, 1916

Mon. Hot

Went down town in P.M. Phil Dtl's [?] Musical Show here for 3 nights. Ma May & I went to Claremont for 3 nights with the kl[?} "Ford" Went home in A.M. Pa is no better. May has got acquainted with the little girl next door Alice Powers.

July 16, 1916

Sun. Hot

Mother came over. May went to S.S. in A.M. E. May & I went to walk in Eve. Pa is not feeling well. Heat bothers him.

July 15, 1916

Sat. Hot & showers

Cooked in A.M. Picked carrots. Did not go anywhere all day. Sewed in P.M. May went down town in Eve with Mother.

July 14, 1916

Fri Hot

Washed a little. Went home to breakfast. Mr. Powers moved into the Fleming house. Mother came over. May played with Helen.

July 13, 1916

Thurs. Rain in P.M.

Cleaned up stairs. Mother, May & I went to Ideal in Eve. "Peg of Ring" Sewed in P.M. Pearl came over in P.M.

July 12, 1916

Hot As Pepper

Ironed in A.M. May & I kept quiet in P.M. on acct of heat. Sewed in P.M. Mother came over. May, Mother & I went down town in Eve.


July 11, 1916

Tues. Hot as Blitzen

Washed in A.M. Two blankets. Went to "Neptune's Daughter" at Ideal with May & Mother. LaFountains took May, Mother & I to ride in Eve.

July 10, 1916

Mon. cloudy & Rainy

Cleaned downstairs in A.M. Helen B. & Stella Genest[?] called in P.M. May took flowers to Flower show at Library. Went home.

July 9, 1916

Sun. Hot

May went to S.S. E. May & I went to ride with Herricks in P.M. Went to Claremont & to Charlestown to band concert. Very good.

July 8, 1916

Sat. Hot

Ironed in A.M. Went home in A.M. May went over to Helen's. Went to bed in P.M. May was still as mouse.

July 7, 1916

Fri. Hot

Mowed lawn in A.M. Went home in A.M. Mel [?] Herrick came over in P.M. Pearl & baby came in early eve.


July 6, 1916

Thurs. Hot

Ironed in A.M. Swept upstairs. Grandpa took May down town. Went to Ideal. "Peg of the Ring" started.

July 5, 1916

Wed. Lovely day.

Washed in A.M. Went to Ideal in Eve. with Mother & May. Stella Hall Guest is here. May played with Helen in A.M/

July 4, 1916

Cool & Showers Tues.

May rode in Wheeler's car in parade. Went to Fairgrounds with the Whitneys. May's car got 2nd prize. Went to Carnival in Eve.

July 3, 1916

Hot & Showers

Washed in A.M. Made brown bread. Worked all day. Went down town in Eve. with Mother & May. Went to Gladys C. & helped trim float.


July 2, 1916

sun. Hot. Showers in P.M.

May did not go to S.S. Lucy & George came over in P.M. E. & May & I went to walk with mother in Eve.

July 1, 1916

Sat. Hot

E. went to work. Worked nearly all. May played with Helen. went down town in Eve with mother. Mother came over.