May 29, 1918

Wed  Hot & Cloudy

Cooked in A.M. Went down town in P.M. Went to rehearsal with Marion in Eve. Lots of fun. Sam - May - Grandma & E went to Perkinsville in Eve.


  1. Perkinsville! Didn't you post a photo of Perkinsville recently? Have you been there, Deborah?

  2. Yes, I did post one recently and I actually tried to re-post it, but I'm changing out of Flickr to a site called ipernity and haven't got it all figured out yet.
    I'm going to re-post a link to "Ada's life" on this new site soon.
    I've been to Perkinsville many times - it was very close to Springfield. Some of Brian's (and Ada's) ancestors are buried there in a very cool old graveyard. Ada is buried in Springfield, though.
    Perkinsville has changed very little except that the main road is now paved.